Monday, October 17, 2011

Apples & Pumpkins

Fall is arriving in Georgia. One of my absolute favorite things to do in October is to drive to the North Georgia Mountains for a visit to the apple orchards. Just uploading photos for this blog makes me happy:) My cousin Peg visited us from Houston last week so a trip was planned.
Our favorite place to visit is Ellijay, Georgia. There is an area with many, many warehouses ready to captivaate visitors.
Many varieties of apples are available for purchase. Mutsu is our favorite, but we sample and purchase many varieties.

 Not only are there fresh apples, but jellies, jams, pickles, baked goods (fried pies and apple cake are my favorites), fresh vegetables, apple cider........

Located a couple of miles  from the apple warehouses is Burt's Pumpkin Farm.

 Lots and lots of pumpkins!

 a wonderful place for families
You know from reading the sign that someone did all of these things.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"My Sewing Room"

In the past months, I seem to have lost my blogging mojo, but you already knew that. It seems that good old-fashioned "Catholic guilt" does wonders to motivate my dormant blogging skills. Even folks who I didn't know read my blog have asked "How is your sewing room coming?... Well, when are you going to show photos on your blog?"  Ok. I get it.Today was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I took my camera to my basement room and took new photos to show you "My Sewing Room."
I searched many thrift shops before I found this treasure to hold my stash. It's part of an old entertainment unit.  I'm still moving fabric from the closet in my former sewing/bedroom, folding it and organizing according to color. This is for my larger pieces of fabric to use for borders, binding and backing.
My "works in progress" are stored behind the floral fabric under the bar area. Out of sight, out of mind:)

 I have wanted a Big Board for pressing for a very long time. With the help of my SIL, this ironing board was created for my space. It measures 68" by 25". We purchased plywood from Home Depot, used batting, insulated fabric and drapery lining fabric. I plan to use some orphan blocks to make a colorful ironing board cover (one day....). The plastic drawers hold my scraps, fat quarters and other small pieces of fabric. It helps to organize my fabric by type (civil war, black and white, neutrals, plaid, patriotic, dog prints, holiday and strips)
 This new design wall is amazing. Using two foam insulation boards from Home Depot, covering the boards with Warm and Natural batting and bolting it to the wall, this design wall measures 86" by 88".  That's the Rotweiller quilt waitinig for an additional side row and borders.
 It's a luxury to have floor space to actually measure a quilt top for borders.
 This table was in my childhood home. I remember Mom refinishing it years ago. With bed risers added to the legs, it's become my new cutting station. Might have to purchase additional cutting mats.
 I love looking out the window when I'm sewing. Luckily, my sewing cabinet fit near the two windows. It's fun to watch the "neighborhood" from my nook.
Books, magazines, and patterns all live on the wall adjacent to the ironing station. The row of binders contain patterns ripped from my older quilt magazines. The shelves are filled with great inspiration for future creations.
 This is the one area that I've can't  decided what to do. The entertainment cabinet weighs a TON. Dear Son said it will remain in the house FOREVER. There is an old TV in the cabinet that I had hoped to use with my laptop to stream movies. The television is so old that it doesn't have the right inputs. I keep thinking we will load it and bring it to a charity shop, but it too weighs a TON. The recliner is Rusty's chair. Yogi from Aunt Polly's Porch takes wonderful naps while Polly sews, but NOT my Rusty. He watches my every move.

The only item on the wall is one of the first pictures that I had in my very first apartment over 30 years ago. The colors and simplicity of Picasso's print has always spoken to me.
Thanks for "visiting" my new sewing space. It will continue to evolve, but I'm truly blessed to have so much space to create.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Copy ... At Last ...

Finally, I have a copy to read and SAVOR. It's not actually my copy, but one that I need to mail to a friend. My copy is on the stack that Pat is autographing as I type this post. If you read Pat's blog, Silver Thimble Talk, you know that she has a wicked sense of humor and can she tell a story. In addition to having great quilt designs, I know her book has to be a fun read. I saw the manuscript before it went to Martingale. I saw the proofs and Pat's single advanced copy. Tonight, I can take all the time I want and actually read her book. DH is at his Friday night high school football game. Rusty and I are on the screen porch ready to shine the Spotlight on Neutrals.
This is the closest that I'll ever get to having my name in a book:)

I'm ready to pull fabric for this Summer Stitch In beauty. I've wanted to make it since Pat and Kristy put their heads together for this one.
I just as soon pull fabric for this one, too.   Night, y'all.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

...At Last.........

AT LAST, "The Book"  is finally here! It's been a blessing to be involved with Pat Wys and her newest project her book, Spotlight on Neutrals.  For over a year, I've been real quiet about a quilt that I helped make for the book.  On my blog at that time, I referred to it as "Stoned" because the quilt reminded me of river stones. The actual name of the quilt is "Havenstone".
This is the photo from the book. I snatched it off of the Martingale Facebook page.  Here are some photos of Havenstone that have been living quietly in my camera:)
 This was the first time that I had pieced a snail's trail block. Pat chose luscious Japanese neutrals for this quilt.

Just after Leisa Wiggley added her specical touch with the quilting, Pat showed the quilt to our Silver Thimble Group.

This is a quilt book that you will want to own. I've actually seen all the quilts from the book. They are stunning in neutral, but the patterns would work for other colors and fabrics. I can't wait to get my own copy in my hands (tomorrow I hope) so I can start the another project from the book.  I actually made a black and white version of the cover quilt, Scrappy Nines.

Pat has the book on her website for sale with free US shipping for a limited time (until Nov. 15th). The Atlanta quilt shops, Little Quilts, Sweet Home, Tiny Stitches and Patchwork Cottage have copies. Pat signed copies of her book (with it's own ISBN number) at Little Quilts and Sweet Home last weekend. She will be at Tiny Stitches this Saturday and Patchwork Cottage on Sunday. If your local quilt shop can't order it from you, check here on Amazon.

Congratulations, Pat!

*Pat Wys and Silver Thimble Quilt Company did not pay me to endorse her book. This post will come as a surprise to her. I paid cash money to order my own copy of the 
book from her website:)