Monday, February 28, 2011

Newest "Quilting" Notion

    A new "sewing notion" has appeared at our quilting get-togethers. TervisTumblers are the newest notion for our Silver Thimble Quilters. These tumblers keep drinks hot or cold and don't leave moisture all over our sewing tables. Many different styles have appeared near individual sewing machines. At our Summer Stitch-In, my sewing partner to my left was Jane, a Florida Gator fan. She was defending her corner from my LSU obsessiveness.  
    Other colleges are often represented like Georgia, Auburn, and Kentucky.

Tumblers with coordinating tops and initials - C is for Cindy.
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Memories from quilting retreats
Things that are liked

My family has purchased Tervis Tumblers for years. When visiting a cousin who once lived in West Palm Beach, he took us to their store where we began our love of all things Tervis. They can often be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond and stores that have gift items. Perhaps, my favorite thing about Tervis Tumblers is that they have a life-time warranty. I have mailed back tumbers that have leaked or have moisture between the layers. I received brand new tumbers to replace each tumbers that I returned. They also happen to make great gifts for non-quilters. My brother received a New Orleans Saints tumber for his Christmas gift this year. He must have liked it for he warned his kids, "This one is mine."
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February UFO Finish

 This "BIG" beauty, Stars of Provence is my UFO finish for the month of February. My wonderful project was a "WIN" from Vicky of LA Quilter blog.

 I worked on the blocks at my retreat in September. It has been "living in plastic" since then. At our retreat in Ellijay earlier this month, my goal was to get the top completed. The room with the irons and cutting table had a large bulletin board which made it perfect to check the block arrangement and add the borders.
I'd love to use this one as a summer quilt on our bed. I'm hoping to meet with the long-arm quilter this week. I wish my photos were better. They don't even begin to show how pretty this quilt is. Thanks Vicky for sharing your stash!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where To Begin

After a break from blogging, I find it difficult to know where to begin. The past six weeks have been hectic. From working with elementary kids for many years, my life has morphed into spending lots of time with the elderly. At a distance, I'm on the telephone with my family making decisions about our Dad's care. Dad has dementia. We've had to research and locate another facility for his care. He is now in a nursing home with a sitter  to help make the transition. Assets had to be liquidated. I did make a quick trip to Baton Rouge this month to visit with him. In August, DH's mom moved near our home. She is 90 and a bit of a "challenge." The past six weeks have been spent handling her care. She was sick with a virus, improved, developed an infection, hospitalized, in a rehab. facility and now back to her apartment. We are in a balancing act with her care and facility. I spend time dealing with her medications, services, and "stuff". It dawned on me last week that I am now a caregiver. I joking say MIL is my new part-time job, but the truth of the matter is that she would be content if I was her full time caregiver. That's not going to happen:) Ok. I got that off my chest:) I'd love any comments from those of you who have been caregivers, too. I do know to take care of ME.

With the in mind, I've just returned from a FABULOUS quilting retreat in the mountains of north Georgia. The retreat is hosted by Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Quilt Company. This was the second annual retreat at Whitepath Lodge in Ellijay, Georgia. Last February, I planned to attend the retreat, made arrangements to take personal leave from school and got sick the day I was to travel to Ellijay. I was not a happy camper having to stay home and miss the fun. There were 31 ladies on retreat  - the nicest, most generous, fun-loving women. We sewed, eat, laughed, walked the trails, shopped and laughed all over again. 

Back later with more about our retreat, projects etc......