Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bloggers' Online Quilt Festival

Just returned from a 7 day trip to Baton Rouge and Houston. I was again fortunate to attend Quilt Market and also visit with many family and friends. Some how in all the preparations for the trip, I missed that it was Bloggers' Online Quilt Show time. This awesome online quilt show is not to be missed. There are currently over 500 quilt entries at Amy's Creative Place. My entry is called Batik Sunrise or the working name, Peg's quilt.
 I used a new technique with the Big Twister ruler and batiks which  are not my normal fabric preference. My cousin Peg and I were raised like sisters. She had older brothers. I had younger brothers. Our mothers were sisters. Recently, she and her husband Mason down-sized to a  town home. She loves batiks, but her home is mostly neutral in color. My challenge was to use batiks in a lighter tones, but also have a bit of "POP."  While in Houston this week, I delivered Batik Sunrise to Peg and Mason. How fun to gift a quilt to someone special and the quilt immediately becomes one of their treasures.