Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilt Projects

Most of my sewing this past month has been hand sewing quilt bindings. I have them stacked up like planes at the Atlanta airport. I finished two projects and am working on the third binding. I have four other quilted tops waiting. This is rather comforting to me. My husband LOVES football especially college football. I like to sew bindings when I watch TV with him. I try to watch one game a weekend so these will get done during this football season. Sunday, I spent an hour or so in my sewing room. Everything in there is like I left it in late July, even my calendar. I have two projects from the Sew-In on my cutting table. I have a charm pack with fusible interfacing ready for a tote bag, etc. etc. etc. Even though I have all these projects breathing down my neck, I think I'm going to sew some blocks for the Heartstrings Quilt Project. I have followed Mary's blog for several years. I've started some string blocks, but never finished them. I really like this charity. Donations are accepted in several ways - cut strings, blocks and/or pieced tops. I love sewing string blocks. I'm setting a goal to try and do several blocks each day for the next couple of days. Care to join me in sewing blocks to send to the Heartstrings Quilt Project?

Checking In

Hi Friends! So sorry for the long silence between blogs. I mentally composed several posts, but don't seem to have written them. Could be the "cognitive thinking" disruption from my pain meds :) I'm at about half-capacity, but doing really good. Tomorrow will be one month from my surgery. I'm beginning to do short excursions. I've been blessed to attend some neat quilting activities. Karin from Life in the Slow Lane provided transportation to a great quilter's garage sale. It was just great getting out of the house and visiting with quilting friends. Pat from Silver Thimble Talk visited with great pizza and new projects to bind. Gretchen from Stella Bella Quilts brought awesome muffins and "treats." Brenda from Quilting Cowgirl shared magazines and dinner plus a fun visit. Krisitie from Ms. Doolitte Quilter read my heart and mind and offered to take me to Sweet Home Quilt Company. I was a bit overwhelmed with the luscious fabrics Melisa has added to her shop, but was able to find some Portobello Market yardage to go with the Jelly Rolly gift from dear friends.

I've been doing some rereading of favorite books. When I had a definite date for my surgery, I began stock-piling some Emilie Richards books. I especially like the Shenandoah Album series. I had recently read Sister's Choice her newest book. I wanted to reread the first book with the main characters Kendra and Jamie. That's the book I took to the hospital. Lover's Knot was a perfect read. I actually read for about two hours when in the surgery waiting area. Because I knew the plot, I could just enjoy the read. I am about to finish Touching Stars. I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

I love books by author Rosamunde Pilcher. Winter Solistice is one of my favorite all-time books. I've even listened to it on CD a couple of times. I decided to search the Netflix database to see if any of the books have been made into movies. The Shell Seekers was rather short and did not do the book justice. September was super. It was made about ten years ago. It was a great old-time movie. I just watched Coming Home. It was awesome. It was pretty true to the book. Only a couple of changes. I thoroughly enjoyed these DVD's. Any suggestions for other movies like these?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Old friends .... New Friends

I'd like to introduce you to one of my "new best friends", my walker. I've been home from the hospital for a bit over a week. Adjusting to my new body part, my new right hip, has not been bad. The prescription medications are handling the pain (mainly from the incision and my right knee) My walker has made it possible for me to be mobile at home. I use it to go up and down the stairs (usually once a day). Don't you just love my husband's addition to my walker? He was so proud of himself. He definitely is an LSU fanatic. I have three "potty chairs" in important places in the house (thanks, Pat for sharing) The physical therapist/nurse visits me at home twice a week. Yesterday, she showed me how to use another new friend, "my cane." Using the cane will be a bit easier in the house especially around the furniture in our family room. Saturday, she removed the staples on the incision. That helped tremendously!!!

The support from "people friends" especially quilters has been fabulous. Thank you friends! I love each day when one of my sons brings the mail in the house. My mailbox has been filled with wonderful "get well" cards. I've received visits at the hospital (thanks, Paula, Nancy and Kathy), plants (hoping they survive) a prayer shawl from my cousin Peg in Houston, and delicious meals. My husband is the cook in the family. Adding my care to his duties has added stress for him. We were blessed that he was able to take eight days off of work and take care of me at home. It just helped not to worry about what to feed us. Poor dear! He even burned the chicken and "missed" on a pot of soup all in one day. He was a bit discouraged. So meals for the "disabled" has helped tremendously. My school friends paid for a lady to clean my house. Bless them! Having a clean house, has been a blessing and helped me relax.

Karen from
Life-In the Slow Lane and Cindy from Knapsack Quilts were my "babysitters" on Friday evening. My husband loves football, college and high school. Our high school team had a game on Friday evening. Karen and Cindy came to my house so that Marion could attend the game with his "buddies." It was wonderful to hear "quilty" talk. Patterns, fabric lines, "Bad Melisa" shopping trips, Moda fabric lines, jelly-rolls, Quilts, Quilts, Quilts, etc. Thanks Karen and Cindy!!!!!!

Perhaps, my most devoted friend has been my dachshund, Rusty or "Dr. Rusty". He has been constantly at my side providing warmth and companionship. I worried that he might trip me or jump on my incision. No problem! He has been a constant companion, a devoted friend.