Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Sewing ....Ellijay 2013

 This curve in the road among my quilting friends will now be known as "Jane's Curve." What began as an innocent little "field trip" to the quilt shop Country Stitches in Blue Ridge, Georgia became a "rescue mission" for Bob and Vickie, owners of Whitepath Lodge in Ellijay, GA.  We knew that snow was predicted for the afternoon hours. I had stalked and the weather reports for over a week before our sewing retreat. No one anticipated several inches of snow in a short amount of time in the morning hours. 
In an hour or two, it went from this beautiful scenario
to this

 dreamy wonderland. The ridge and road leading to Whitepath Lodge received the most snow in the county.  Jane took awesome care of us. Her Highlander did a superhero job of trying to get us up the hill. It was that extra yard of fabric that we purchased that did her in. (LOL)

Kristie, Brenda, Jane, Carla and Becky
Thank you ladies for a "field trip" to remember!