Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog

Congratulations to Brittany, of Pickles Quilting!  Brittany is the winner of the giveaway.  I'm off to my sewing/reading room to gather items that I think she will enjoy.  Thanks so much for joining in this giveaway!  The comments were so much fun. I've discovered several new to me blogs.  

In the evenings whle Dear Hubby watches TV, I read blogs.  This past year I've definitely read more blogs than actually writing blog posts.  My non-blogging definitely began when I agreed to co-chair the Programs Job for my local quilt guild (Gwinnett Quilters' Guild)  It has been lots of fun, lots of communicating and lots of personal growth.  I'm hoping to blog sometimes about the wonderful quilt teachers I've met because of this venture (Amy Bradley, Marie Bostwick, Mary Lou Weidman, Edytah Sitar, Muriel Pfaff, Jennifer Jangles, Paula Barnes, Lisa Bongean, Kathy Brown .....)   In addition to my guild work, we are currently living in two homes.  My dear hubby will retire in 3 months. At that point, the last phase of our moves will be completed. We sold our home in July, moved necessities into a rental home and moved the majority of our life to our retirement home at the lake.   We are at the rental house during the week and our retirement house on the weekend.  It's a hour and a half drive each way. We are leaving the suburbs of Atlanta for small town living. Our new home is near the Georgia/South Carolina border in the quaint town of Hartwell.  It's a new adventure for us, but one with many blessings!

In some of my blog readings, I ran across Grow Your Blog ( Blog Party.  WOW!!!  Hundreds of blogs with many different areas of focus are in this hop.  It will take weeks to visit them all, but what fun !   Lots of new blogs to visit and new ones to follow!

I adore  blog giveaways. I enjoy hosting them and participating in entering them.  For this blog hop, I will have a giveaway.  I'm stealing this idea from another blogger.  I'll choose a winner on February 15th. To enter, tell me a bit about you. What are your interests, what do you like to read, what do you collect or just something to guide me. I'll select the giveaway prize on your interests.  If you like to read, I'll send you a book I enjoyed. If you are a fabric-holic like me, I'll send you some fabric some my stash.  If you are a cook, I'll send some of my DH's recipes (he's an awesome cook).  Get the idea? I'll try to cater the giveaway to your interests.  

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!  I'm off to a quilting retreat this week.  I'll read your posts, but won't be able to respond until next weekend.  Take care, dear friends!

The Quilting Booklady