Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Block 4

Not a great deal of sewing happening at my house, but I did manage to complete Block 4 of the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along hosted by Moose on the Porch blog. Just in time for Block 5 which will be posted on Monday. I'm enjoying this quilt along. Of course, I love the fabric Portobello Market by Moda given to me by two quilting friends. Several of us are doing this BOM. It's great fun to see how each person approaches the block and the fabric choices they make.

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stash Manicure

About a month ago, Rae Ann who blogs at Cutie Pinwheel announced that she was beginning a new blog called Stash Manicure. I'm always trying to reduce my stash so I can purchase more fabric:) I accepted Rae Ann's invitation to share on Stash Manicure how I "manicure" my stash. Visit today and read my post.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandma's Bag

My friend Terri from school/work became a Grandma for the very first time on April 1st. Her grandchild, Molly, was actually born on her due date. Terri assisted me with some work for our county Readers' Rally. I thought she might like to have her very own "Grandma Bag" to hold surprises for her Molly. It's fun to make a gift for someone who appreciates a hand-made gift. The charm pack I used was from Moda's Boutique line. The pattern is one by Penny Sturges called Charm Party Tote ( It's been months since I actually finished a project. Hoping this bag will tilt my efforts into the "Finished Project" direction.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Silver Thimble Night

This past Friday and Saturday was the third Friday and Saturday of the month. That means it was Silver Thimble Club of Grayson time. I usually sew with the Saturday group, but had another activity on Saturday so I sewed with the Friday evening group.  I drove to the church in Grayson right after school on Friday. Here is the backseat of my car packed and ready to "rock and  sew" Friday evening. Kristie and  Brenda met me on Friday evening. We swapped books we needed for our library jobs, talked lots of school shop-talk, sewed and laughed.

Several of my Saturday quilting buddies stopped by on Friday evening to visit with the group.Cindi had "goodies" she had ordered from online shops. The new Jo Morton fabric was gorgeous, but we all were lusting over the tote bag with "Minick & Simpson" printed on it. Cindi ordered a Bar Harbor kit  from their website. The tote bag came with her order.  Way to go, Cindi! Very tempting!

Teresa, who left the business of driving a school bus this year, is making a quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website I don't remember the name of this pattern. Perhaps, Teresa will leave the name of the pattern in the comments of this posts. What a great use of fabric! Teresa, you can "gift" this quilt to me if you decide that you don't like it:)

Sandra made this tote bag using a charm pack from Moda's Bar Harbor line (Minick & Simpson) It's gorgeous. I have a Bar Harbor charm pack that I purchased to add to a scrap quilt that I am cutting from my stash. I may rethink that idea and make this tote. It is from a pattern by Penny Sturges from It's called the Chubby Charm Bag Pattern.

Sarah, showed her completed top using all civil war fabrics. I don't know if I even heard what pattern she used. If someone knows, please leave a comment. Sarah's quilt is absolutely stunning.

Many of us have learned the hard way that projects with straight sewing, not a lot of concentration are best for our sewing sessions. Let's just say "We do talk some." Brenda learned that even with straight seam sewing, mistakes can be made.

It was wonderful to see Elizabeth who has been recovering from knee surgery the past couple of months. These two quilts were projects that she has completed. One is a BOM. The other is a "vintage" Sisters Club project that she completed. Many of belonged to Pinheads, then Sisters before Pat began her Silver Thimble Club group.

I  hated to miss my Saturday group, but sure did have a grand time with the Friday group.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signing Papers

When I hear the phrase "Signing Papers", I think of college or NFL sports commitments or even signing papers for a home mortgage, but  two weeks ago I signed papers of a totally different kind. I  signed the official papers for my RETIREMENT. It's unbelievable, almost unreal. I've worked in public schools for 33 years. It's the only kind of work that I've been involved with since earning my college degree in education. A retired teacher friend had told me that you just know when it's time to retire. This school year, I knew it was time. I just wasn't sure that we could handle it financially. We do have a son in college. DH and I decided to investigate my options and were pleasantly surprised that it would work for us.

It seemed when I first began teaching, that retirement wouldn't ever be an option. I was struggling to find my place in the work world. I couldn't envision sticking with anything for 30 years. Then there was a time when it seemed like I had been in a public school forever and retirement was still a long way off. Before I knew it, I had enough time vested, but wasn't sure I could walk away from something that I had done for so long. I haven't done anything in my life as long as I've worked in public schools. With all the different emotions and thoughts, I still knew it was what I needed to do. This is my opportunity to be a wife and mother, first. My job always dictated our lives. The choices are unlimited. I want to take it slow and explore every option. Of course I still have two months or 33 school days left. June 1st is officially when retirement begins. My friend Brenda told me "you're glowing." Yes! What a blessing! My faculty was informed today at our faculty meeting that I am retiring so I don't have to keep quiet any longer. My retired friends - Pat, Carla, Susan, Teresa, Carol, Sue - I'm joining your "club."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Chickens

This week in my kindergarten storytime sessions, I'm doing one of my favorite lessons. Since we  exhausted all our Springtime stories in March, this month our focus is on chicken stories. Big Chickens by Leslie Helakoski is a blast. The story is about four physically big chickens. The term "big chicken" can also mean a person or animal who is scared of many things. (the chickens are big and they are scared in this story)

Because we live in the metro Atlanta area, it's "necessary" to expose my students to the landmark in Marietta, Georgia known as "The Big Chicken." Directions in Marietta are often referenced from "The Big Chicken." Remember, my students in this storytime are five and six year olds. Most get the concept of a physically, big chicken. Some get the point of big chickens who are "chicken". Only some make a connection with the "Big Chicken" in Marietta. ALL my students, understand how to do  the Chicken Dance. We play the music, do the motions and strut like BIG CHICKENS. Even my "biggest chicken", has a BIG SMILE on his/her face while we do the Chicken Dance. Older students working in the Media Center often join us in our "dance."  There are lots of BIG smiles during our "Chicken Time."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Hand Cream

For at least a year, I have carried a copy of the ingredients needed to make homemade cream. I wish I remembered the original blog I copied it from, but just can't remember. Recently, Judy at Patchwork Times blogged about making her own homemade lotion. It was the same recipe that I had in my purse. Judy mentioned purchasing her Vitamin E cream at a Dollar General Store. The dollar store near my home is a Dollar Tree.  Each dollar store carries different merchandise so I didn't even bother to look at the one that is convenient for me. Very near my brother's home in Baton Rouge, there was a Dollar General. One evening after visiting with my Dad, I stopped and purchased the items that I needed to make the hand cream. This morning, I whipped up a batch. I emptied all the ingredients into a mixer, then put it into two containers. I'll have to use my homemade lotion for a time to see if it's worth the effort. I probably should have purchased Johnson's baby lotion and Vaseline petroleum jelly. Here is the recipe for the Homemade Hand Cream:
 Homemade Hand Cream:
16 oz. baby lotion
8 oz. Vaseline
8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

(I have a photo of the finished product, but Blogger is doing something different this evening. Maybe, I can get it to load tomorrow)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break in our school system. On Monday, I loaded my car and headed to "the Big Red Stick" better known as Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (baton means stick, rouge means red)
 Baton Rouge is a ten hour drive from our home in Georgia. My brother and his family live in Baton Rouge. Last September, we moved Dad to an assisted living facility near my brother's home. All three of us siblings live away from our hometown of Lafayette. Dad continues to need more care as he ages. Ken and his familly are the first ones called. My brother Bud and I travel to Baton Rouge when we can to help with Dad's care. My heart just goes out to Dad. There are so many things he can no longer do. For a very independent man, it's an adjustment. His attitude is wonderful. It was great spending time with him. His mobility is limited so I spent lots of time in his apartment with him.

When I travel alone to visit Dad, I have a bit more flexibility. I looked up quilt shops in Baton Rouge. Amelia's Quilt Shop was on the way to Dad's apartment. It wasn't a big shop, but I

did find some treasures. I purchased a few more black and white prints for a baby quilt for a boy and fabric for a pillowcase. My neice has been accepted to LSU. I planning on making a pillowcase for her as part of her high school graduation gift.

 Today, I doing laundry, running errands and resting :) Rusty is right at my side. He wasn't happy that he was left-behind. Hoping to sew some this weekend!T

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Working in an elementary school day in and day out, we sometimes do things a bit different. There's  are days when we wear p.j's. to school ( I have a wardrobe of pj's that is for  school) We decorate pumpkins, do the chicken dance (my favorie, It makes everyone smile) Last week we had an egg hunt, but it wasn't for the students it was for the teachers! March was a grueling month. There was lots of extra effort to prepare our students for the state assessment test in April. Several of us on the school management team contributed items or coupons for the egg hunt. There was a gift card for free lunch, diet coke, ice cream, books, but my favorite was the coupon for one of  the jars of Cowgirl Cookie mix from our counselor, Amy. Amy used the recipe from It was indeed a fun egg hunt. Perhaps, the best egg of all was that we didn't have a meeting that afternoon and could leave right after the egg hunt:)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good News!

He has risen! Much love to you and yours! Hope that you have a glorious family day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Late to the Party

It's not my fault. I was tempted time and again. Brenda was the first one to mention a new online quilt along. I read her post and resisted. I had enough unfinished projects. Gretchen was the next one to dangle the temptation. She gave the links for not one, but two jelly roll block of the months. I was still firm at this part. At our last sewing group session, Karin had the directions for block one and two printed out to involve us. Kristie issued the final  temptation by saying "It will use stash." Ok. Ok. I printed out the directions. I don't tend to buy jelly rolls, but I did have one that I had not sewn yet. It is from one of my favorite Moda design groups, 3 Sisters. Portobello Market is almost two years old, but still a line of fabric that I love.

So I began sewing blocks last weekend.

Today, I caught up with everyone and am ready for the next block on April 12th. These free block patterns can be found on the  Moose On The Porch blog. Won't you join us?