Monday, September 7, 2009

Christmas Lights Part Two

Slow and steady wins the race. That's what it felt like with this step of Christmas Lights. This step was really rather easy, but I managed to complicate it, but losing some of the pieces from Step 1. I think I made all the parts in Step 1. I just didn't have 8 sections to finish the blocks. Of course, I had plenty of the needed fabric so I stopped and made the blocks that I needed. They'll probably show up the next time I'm searching for something in my sewing room. Oh well, I'm liking my blocks for this mystery quilt. In about a month, the next issue of Quiltmaker magazine should be available to see the final quilt. It feels wonderful to have something completed!!!! I also hemmed a pair of pants for DH and hemmed some fabric for our school counselor. All three of these items have been on my list for too long. Now, I can think about the next project I'd like to work on. It's a Thimbles sewing weekend in just a couple of days!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Party on the Porch

Last Friday evening was "Party on the Porch." I know Melisa, owner of Sweet Home Quilt Shop has another name for her shop anniversary event, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. It was a much anticipated event. Quilters in our area had been a buzz about the event for the past couple of weeks. I was just excited to attend this year. This was my first time attending the Friday evening from 9 to Midnight event. Last year, I was recovering from hip replacement surgery. I enjoyed the stories that were shared from last year's event.

High school football season began here in Georgia last Friday. My husband is passionate about high school football especially our local high school team. He left at 5:00 pm for a 7:30 pm game at our home field. Karin and Sarah met me at 7:15 to drive to Conyers for a 9:00 event. We planned to be on the porch for 8:00 pm. We were not the first to arrive. Melisa and her staff provided cookies and lemonade plus some mentally stimulating quilt games to help us pass the time. There was lots and lots of laughter.

I'm definitely on a quilting budget. With college expenses for Michael, my shopping has been limited. I'm thrilled with my purchases from the event. I have a project waiting for me to begin using Moda's Portabello Market jelly rolls. I've been looking online for a backing fabric, but couldn't commit to a purchase. I'm glad I didn't. There was just enough of this bolt from the PM line for my future project. And of course, on sale!

I've been thinking of making a change to a kit I purchased earlier in the year. I haven't even completed a block of that quilt. This print from Moda's Libertyville line will change the look of my quilt, but give it the feel I want.

My last purchase was a yard of Aviary fabric from Moda, of course. I'm planning on making this tablerunner from the charm pack that I won from Brenda's give-away. This will be for that project.

Thank you, Melisa for a wonderful "Party on the Porch." Hope that you survived all your birthday and anniversary celebrations! It was a wonderful time for us all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Off balance, that's what I am. I can't seem to get back into a blogging or sewing rhythm since I started back at school/work a month ago. Thank you for your patience and understanding! There are lots of adjustments this year even if most of them are minor. DH and I are adjusting to being "us" for the first time ever in our relationship. We've always had one of the boys in our daily life. We're rather liking this "just us" but it's "an adjustment." Michael is liking college. He will be home this weekend for the Labor Day holiday. It's an "adjustment" relating to this "child on his own." At school, there are lots of adjustments with budget cuts, employee reductions, retirement woes. I'd really love to retire and work part-time, but those jobs were the first to go in this budget crunch. I'm really trying to focus on my work, trying to make my students and teachers feel special, attempting to bring joy into my media center, trying to energize my attitude. This is an "adjustment." I'm really enjoying my work with our students, but this getting up two hours earlier and working nonstop for 8 hours takes some "adjustment." My Dad is requiring more care. There have been lots of e-mails and telephone calls discussing what is best for Dad. None of us live near Dad. This next week we are moving him to an assisted living facility in Baton Rouge, near one of my brothers. It's difficult watching him lose ground mentally and physically. It's an "adjustment", but we are grateful to have him still with us. We are grateful to give him the care that he so lovingly gave us many years ago.

So please be patient with me. I'm trying to rediscover my blogging rhythm, trying to "adjust."