Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bit of Progress

I actually made some progress on a couple of my sewing projects this weekend. I finished putting the sashing strips around the blocks on  one of the T-shirt quilts I need to make this Spring. I measured and assembled the background section. Drat! I cut the borders wrong - well that's not quite right. I cut them the size the pattern said to cut them, but decided I'd like the borders wider. I thought I had enough fabric, but was short just a bit. I check with our friend Melisa at Sweet Home Quilt Shop , but
 she didn't have that particular fabric. I called Intown Quilters where my friend purchased the fabric. They had what I needed and put it aside for me. Here are some of the blocks on this project.

 I haven't taken a picture of the background yet. I still have two borders to sew on. My friend will then pick up the blocks and background and arrange the blocks (sort of like scrapbooking) This step is not my strength so I'll let her fight with it. After that I'll just have to sew down the blocks. Easy! Then bring it to our friend, PJ, to be quilted.

Gretchen worked on a Valentine's Day project on our last sewing day. I had a project with the same fabric, same charm pack, but a different pattern in my UFO dungeon. I took my Valentine's project  out and worked on it a bit. I had to trim some of the snowball blocks. I put the blocks up on my felt design wall. Not bad. I'm liking this project. The blocks are not sewn together. Borders need to be added, too. 

I have another project to report on, but Blogger is being difficult with uploading pictures. I'll post that project tomorrow. 


Gretchen said...

I LOVE your Valentine's day quilt!!! Great pattern. Aren't you happy to have it out of the UFO dungeon???

Brenda said...

love the Valentine quilt.