Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Quite Socks

I love socks! I want to knit socks. It makes no sense. I can purchase perfectly great socks, but I want to knit a pair or two or three. The main problem is that I don't really know how to knit. Well, that never stopped me before. I normally fall in love with a project and jump right in without the necessary skills. I did that with counted cross-stich and quilting. Soooo, I decided to start small with knitting. Even I can see that I'm not ready for socks. I can't figure out the pictures in "how to knit socks" books. I made a couple of scarves, but don't wear scarves so washcloths seem to be the best project. It had been so long since I had knitted that I couldn't remember how to do the Purl stitch. A consultation with a teacher at school and studying my "how to book" solved this problem. Online videos were helpful, too.

This is what I've been working on in the evenings and during Saturday football games. It's College football season. Football is one of DH's passions. We see lots of football games this time of year. Geaux, Tigers!

I'm getting better at this knitting thing. I'm beginning to make some sense of the dishcloth pattern. I think I can even recognize which stitch is which. Atlanta quilting friends, does anyone know how to knit socks? I'm thinking I need a private tutor. My knitting guru at work took a class, but didn't finish the project. Kristie.... Brenda.... Anyone to the rescue?


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Call Melisa she knits socks.I still think we should all stick to quilting.


Brenda said...

good luck with your socks, I am working on a sweather for my great niece, hoping Kristie can help.

Bed Linen said...

All the best. I invariably ended up making a mess of my knitting.

Anonymous said...

I love kitting and watching football also Pro or college

keep knitting you'll get better if you need any supplies chackout my new online store

good luck

Susan said...

I want to knit socks, too!! And like you, I just jumped into cross stitch and quilting without much actual skill. I have become a good stitcher and I'm getting better at quilting. This knitting thing is taking a little longer. I'm working my way through a baby blanket for about the 15th time, and I'm slowly getting better. At this rate, I figure I'll be good enough to knit a pair of sock when I'm 75 or so.