Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"Treat."   Rusty here. That Mom doesn't she know that this is not "Treat."

This is "Treat." and Daddy is the one who gives me two treats after they sit at that place and  eat.

Alright. I'll make Mom happy and eat a piece. Hmmm. Ginger snaps. I love Ginger Snaps.
What's that you say? Happy Birthday!  Oh, Mom, can't you get it right. Yesterday was my birthday. Yea, I know I'm now  8 years old (56 in human years. I'm trying to hide the fur that's coming out in a lighter color)

Oh no! Not Blackie again. Blackie likes to get in "MY PLACE."

Much better! That's MY PLACE, Mom's Lap. I was here first Blackie :)

Happy Birthday, one day late, to our dear Rusty! You've made us laugh. You have us enslaved. Enjoy your birthday treat, your favorite Gingersnap cookies.

Mom, Dad and Michael


julieQ said...

Happy Birthday Rusty! You will just have to keep at the training...these humans take time, you know...

wackywoman said...

Happy Birthday Rusty! You realy look good for your age.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Rusty! I don't blame you for fussing when blackie takes your place! Maggie says Gingersnap cookies are her favorite bedtime snack. She has to have one when her mom takes her night-time pills.

Stray Stitches said...

Happy Birthday to Rusty! Looking good for a man of your age!

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Rusty!!! I'm so happy you got some special gingersnaps for a b-day treat. Sounds like you have those humans trained pretty well, except for the black laptop that gets in the way.