Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Field Trip to East Cobb Quilt Guild

The metro Atlanta area is blessed with many quilt stores, quilt teachers, quilt resources and quilt guilds. One of the largest guilds with over 200 members is the East Cobb Quilt Guild. Several times throughout the year, the EC guild brings in speakers/teachers with national/international reputations. Last week, Sue Spargo taught several workshops and spoke at both the evening and daytime meetings. This called for a "Field Trip." We (Pat, Kristie, Debbie, Brenda and I) headed out bright and early to attend the ECQG meeting on Friday morning. My photos from the Guild meeting  are not the very best, but I thought you might enjoy them. Sue Spargo's talk was inspirational. Seeing her quilts and hearing her speak, motivated me to "STRETCH" my creativity and to try new methods and techniques.

Visit Pat's blog and Melinda's blog for better photos of the event.


Diane said...

I would love to see/hear Sue Spargo. She is so deliciously creative.

Brenda said...

I am so inspired now!!! Had a great time today.