Thursday, October 13, 2011

...At Last.........

AT LAST, "The Book"  is finally here! It's been a blessing to be involved with Pat Wys and her newest project her book, Spotlight on Neutrals.  For over a year, I've been real quiet about a quilt that I helped make for the book.  On my blog at that time, I referred to it as "Stoned" because the quilt reminded me of river stones. The actual name of the quilt is "Havenstone".
This is the photo from the book. I snatched it off of the Martingale Facebook page.  Here are some photos of Havenstone that have been living quietly in my camera:)
 This was the first time that I had pieced a snail's trail block. Pat chose luscious Japanese neutrals for this quilt.

Just after Leisa Wiggley added her specical touch with the quilting, Pat showed the quilt to our Silver Thimble Group.

This is a quilt book that you will want to own. I've actually seen all the quilts from the book. They are stunning in neutral, but the patterns would work for other colors and fabrics. I can't wait to get my own copy in my hands (tomorrow I hope) so I can start the another project from the book.  I actually made a black and white version of the cover quilt, Scrappy Nines.

Pat has the book on her website for sale with free US shipping for a limited time (until Nov. 15th). The Atlanta quilt shops, Little Quilts, Sweet Home, Tiny Stitches and Patchwork Cottage have copies. Pat signed copies of her book (with it's own ISBN number) at Little Quilts and Sweet Home last weekend. She will be at Tiny Stitches this Saturday and Patchwork Cottage on Sunday. If your local quilt shop can't order it from you, check here on Amazon.

Congratulations, Pat!

*Pat Wys and Silver Thimble Quilt Company did not pay me to endorse her book. This post will come as a surprise to her. I paid cash money to order my own copy of the 
book from her website:)


Michelle said...

Beautiful quilt! That looks like a great book. I'll definitely put it on my "wish" list. :)

Pat said...

I need to get around to ordering it, too. I had the pleasure to meet Pat last winter and did a mini shop hop with her AND saw a couple of her "neutrals" in person at that time!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

My what a beautiful quilt!! I think this book is going to be a winner :-)

quiltingnana said...

That quilt is beautiful!

Diane said...

You did a great job of holding in that secret! It must have been hard.

I love the quilts! I have a new found enjoyment of neutral quilts. And I think it will be surprising how timeless they seem over the years.

Lana said...

oh wow...that is simply stunning.
I want a copy of that book for SURE!!!! Congratulations!!!! GREAT JOB!!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I love you FRIEND! Thank you. On to HOUSTON, we are going to rock the George R. Brown Convention center!


Michelle said...

Putting the book on my wish list, resisiting the urge to order it right now!! Christmas is coming right?

Beautiful quilt!! Love it!

Have a wonderful quilty weekend!

suzannerc86 said...

You just showed my 2 favorite quilts (so far) that I've seen in my peek at the book.

Anonymous said...

Becky you amaze me you could not have said it any better.
It is truly a blessing to be apart of something so special and I am honored to have been apart. I am also honored been apart of such a special group of quilters.
Bless you

Jen said...

Such a beautiful quilt! You did a great job. Looks like a great book, I'll keep an eye out for it!