Monday, December 5, 2011

Fan Day - LSU Style

Dear blog friends from UGA, Auburn, Clemson and Alabama, You can quit reading now. This post will not make you happy. I've been taking photos for months, but have yet to post them to my blog. Definitely, superstitious:) Allow me a few minutes to CELEBRATE with all LSU Tiger fans, especially those of us who live deep in UGA 'Dawg country. 

This past year, I've made many trips to Baton Rouge. My Dad is in a nursing home near my brother's home. (Lafayette is our hometown) I try to visit him every other month. This year one of our visits just happened to be on LSU Fan Day.   
 While Dad napped, DH and I made a trip to the LSU campus to savor LSU Fanaticism.
Tiger style Moonwalk

 the Defensive team entering the room
 signing autographs for fans

 a table of quarterbacks

Special Teams
The longest line for autographs and photos was for Coach Les Miles.

a variety of spirit wear

but my favorite is the one from "Swamp People."  Choot 'Em, Liz (if you haven't watched Swamp People on the History Channel, you're missing out. My favorite part is the subtitles because the Cajun accents are so strong:)

And just when you think that you've seen everything, a child's potty chair awaits you in the LSU Store:)


Diane said...

Isn't it great being a fan?

@pril said...

That would have been so great to attend! Did you see the LSU vs Alabama game? That was the best game I have seen in like freakin' forever!