Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quilts from Thimbles in March

Better late than never is my new motto! At our Thimbles meeting in March, I took lots of photos of the quilts for Show and Tell. Pat, our beloved leader, was out-of-town with another commitment. I'll try to give the name of each quilter, but I'm not remembering all of them. Fellow Thimbles, please leave a comment if you remember who made the quilts that I forgot or credited to the wrong person:) The stunning quilt above and below were delivered to Sandra that day, freshly quilted.

Gretchen's black, tan and red stunner from the book 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. I want to make this one.
Sarah (no blog) designed these blocks and  used selvages she collected from her other quilt projects.
Jane with her just quilted Cupcake Quilt. She used Minkee for her backing. I convinced her to give me the trimming of the green Minkee. It has already been gifted as a pet bed.
Don't you just love Paula's Pinocchio creation?
I'm totally blanking on this one. Love the fabric and design. I recognize Gretch holding the quilt, but can't remember if it is her quilt or if she was helping someone else.
Great design!
Pat with her  batik wall-hanging.
Sarah, no blog, drew the string blocks after seeing a similar design on cheater cloth. She sewed her quilt with pieced string blocks. The basket quilt is Kitty's Baskets from Pat's book Spotlight on Neutral, but with colorful batiks!
Danita's  block of the month from Little Quilts is now done.
Marie, on the right, with her beautiful Twister quilt. Leisa, on the left, quilted the top for Marie.
Elaine hand-quilted her Emily Jane quilt. Elaine and
Pam split a kit. Pat's beauty is machine quilted.
Teresa with her Snowman wall-hanging.
Teresa and "Sir Quilt Dude" with a favorite design from our "Sisters" days.

I'm thinking this is Debbie's Jelly Roll Race.
Leisa and "Sir Quilt Dude", but again I've forgotten the name of the quilter with this wonderful quilt.
Janet adding the final borders to her new Spring quilt.

If anyone can tell me the name of the quilters on the ones that I've forgotten, please let me know and I'll edit this post. As always, it was a wonderful Thimbles weekend! Pat, we missed you!


Gretchen said...

Hi! Missed seeing you this month at Thimbles :) That is me with my French General (Maison de Garance line) quilt. Forgot I showed 2 last month!

rubyslipperz said...

Wow...and gasp...and WOW again...there are some really wonderful quilts here! Thanks for sharing "Show and Tell" with us.


Waytogojb said...

Hi Becky,

These are so wonderful. The twister is Susan's not Marie's. Leisa and SQD are holding up my Warm Wishes with the black border. Thanks for taking time to get these up for us to enjoy.