Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dusting off the Blog

Let's see if I even remember how to use Blogger :)  I'm trying this on my Ipad, so..... you may never actually see this :)  Lots of changes, lots to share with you. Hope you will reconnect and join me!  Merry Christmas!  

Let's start at the beginning...  We have moved.  Well stage one and two of our move has occurred. Stage three will happen in April.  Rather out of the blue, DH and I decided to look at homes. We lived in the Atlanta metro area and liked the idea of getting out of the business and traffic of the metro area.  We looked in several areas near our metro area, but decided to move 100 miles to a small town near the Georgia/South Carolina border and near Lake Hartwell, a man-made lake.  This is one of the views from our back porch, my favorite place to sit and drink coffee.  We purchased our retirement home in April. Our home sold in July. We moved most of our possessions to the new home in July. DH doesn't retire until April of 2014 so we are in a rental house during the week. During the weekend, we are at the retirement house.  Confusing, I know.  The boxes are mostly unpacked. Still have a couple in my new sewing room.  Maybe, knowing I want to show you the sewing room will encourage me to unpack and place the final items.  There is lots of mental organizing in trying to remember what items we need to transport between the houses.  This weekend, I forgot my warm pj's.  I do need another pair but for now I'm bringing the one pair back and forth.  Lots of instances of , "It's at the other house." We are loving discovering our new town.  There is an active retirement population as well as families who have been here for decades.  We are actually in a neighborhood. Our home has lake views on three sides, but we do not have a lake lot.  Even though we are in a neighborhood, we are out of town - "country-like."  There are cows across the street on a large estate.  "Town" is 4 miles away.  A city with everything we need and then some is 30 minutes away.  The best thing is that the local quilt shop is 3 miles from our new home. There is also a second shop fifteen minutes away.  Life is Good!


Lori said...

Oh wow, that is a lot of change! Glad to hear you are somewhat settled in. Merry Christmas!

Bouts Choisis said...

Welcome back! Exciting times! The view from your new home is lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing the sewing room.

Diane said...

Big changes! Good for you. It sounds wonderful and looks lovely. I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

Lainee said...

I need to dust off my blog too, but I don't have the moving excuse to use.

Just connected with a fellow retiree from up north that winteres in Hartwell.

I really enjoyed meeting you during the Quilt Show judging at the Gilmer County Fair.

Lana said...

Well Hello! So glad to see you on here again!
I would love for you to post more photos of your lovely home and the surroundings! I am from Fort Benning GA and loved seeing anything from GA!

May your new home be cozy, sweet and relaxing...and glad to see you back!