Sunday, November 30, 2008

Internet Shopping Suggestions

It just doesn't look like I can be coaxed into the stores to go shopping this year. Friday, I made a quick trip to Joanne's (or the J-store as Gretchen calls it) and Target. I quickly picked up the items on my list and headed home. This was a good thing in one way, but a bad thing in another. I'm not getting my shopping done. I came home and placed an order on and One site that I like lots (I'm working on an order for this site) is   They have remainders or overstocks from publishers. It's a good place to look for books at a reduced price. Anyone have any suggestions of good website to do my holiday shopping? I have lots of adult males to buy gifts for. Any ideas? I seem to buy the same items each year. Please send suggestions!


Gretchen said...

Can't wait to hear some suggestions. Amazon, quilt shops, J.Jill, and LL Bean are the places I shop online. Adult men are the worst people to shop for--too picky and they have everything they want already. How about college sport stuff like sweatshirts, hoodies or T-shirts (I just ordered Steve a new Penn State sweatshirt because his is falling apart!) If all else fails, GIFT CARDS!!!!

Brenda said...

I like Lands End and L.L. Bean for men's gifts. Good luck.

Mary said...

Hey Becky, have you read, The Shack? Just finished it and it was really good, Hugs, Mary