Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break in our school system. On Monday, I loaded my car and headed to "the Big Red Stick" better known as Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (baton means stick, rouge means red)
 Baton Rouge is a ten hour drive from our home in Georgia. My brother and his family live in Baton Rouge. Last September, we moved Dad to an assisted living facility near my brother's home. All three of us siblings live away from our hometown of Lafayette. Dad continues to need more care as he ages. Ken and his familly are the first ones called. My brother Bud and I travel to Baton Rouge when we can to help with Dad's care. My heart just goes out to Dad. There are so many things he can no longer do. For a very independent man, it's an adjustment. His attitude is wonderful. It was great spending time with him. His mobility is limited so I spent lots of time in his apartment with him.

When I travel alone to visit Dad, I have a bit more flexibility. I looked up quilt shops in Baton Rouge. Amelia's Quilt Shop was on the way to Dad's apartment. It wasn't a big shop, but I

did find some treasures. I purchased a few more black and white prints for a baby quilt for a boy and fabric for a pillowcase. My neice has been accepted to LSU. I planning on making a pillowcase for her as part of her high school graduation gift.

 Today, I doing laundry, running errands and resting :) Rusty is right at my side. He wasn't happy that he was left-behind. Hoping to sew some this weekend!T


Gretchen said...

So happy you are back and had a good trip. Love the fabric goodies and another LSU person in the family!

Karin said...

Glad you are back in town safe and sound...and you missed the worst of the pollen, hopefully!! Looking forward to Thimbles next week

bettyp said...

I am from louisiana too!! I live near Morgan City but was raised in Rayne La. I know you know where that is !! My 85 year old Dad lives in Lafayette and a sister in Crowley !! Small world for sure.

julieQ said...

I am glad your dad has you. It is fun to have some quilt shops to go to too!

Brenda said...

Gald you are back, and had a good trip. I got back late yesterday. Hope dad and the rest of the family were doing well.

Karen said...

Great post Becky! If you ever have reason to drive just a short stretch north, come and visit us at Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, in Murphy. We would love show you our shop and our quaint historic downtown area!!!

But until then check us out on:

or be a fan on our facebook page!