Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some "What I Saw" from Quilt Market

Quilt Market is HUGE!!! I am in awe of the shop owners who preview all the items at Market and actually come to a decision of what items to order for their shop. There was so much to see! I feel like I missed more than I actually saw. Even looking at some of my photos, I'm at a loss of who or what is in the photo. Luckily, I was at Market to work for one company and everything else was "lagniappe" or extra as we say in Louisiana.
Perhaps one of the neatest new notions is the Pilot FriXion gel pen. Our quilting group was introduced to this product last Summer. The pen is used to mark fabric. The marks are erasable using a hot iron. I particularly like using my pens to mark half-square triangles. Red, black and blue are the colors that I knew existed. Looks like they are adding color in the gel pen and thicker highlighter version. Ask your quilt shop owner about these pens.
B.J. of Silver Thimble Quilt Company designs holiday and sewing cards. B.J. had several new cards to add to her line. I loved the Thanksgiving and Christmas additions. Your quilt shop owner can get these from Checkers Distributor or you can order some directly from the Silver Thimble website. Kristie had a wonderful idea. She is framing some of these cards to hang in her sewing room. I may "borrow" that idea.
Like most quilters, I first learned to sew garments or  clothing. Cindy Taylor Oates of Taylor Made Designs  was down the isle from us. The new Camp Shirt pattern has lots of potential. I especially liked the back of the blue one on the left.
Brenda and I both picked up brochures from Serendipity Studio. Look at the awesome lines on this dress and jacket. This is a new company to me. Looks like their patterns can be purchased on their website if your local quilt shop is unable to order the patterns for you.
Trace 'n Create E-Tablet and Paper Tablet  Keepers from Clover was a new item.  I missed the demo at the Clover book but discovered this  video with Nancy Zieman demonstrating how to use this product.
One designer that I've been intrigued with as of late is Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. I wasn't able to meet her. The line in her booth was always long when I had the opportunity to go down that aisle. Reason for Quilts is her newest book. I feel a new project coming on:)

Isn't this the cutest Dachshund bag? Of course, the pattern went home with me. It's from Buttons & Bees. Brenda found THE cutest pig pattern. If I remember right Kristie found a neat dog pattern. Cute stuff from these folks. 
Our neighbors to the left were the wonderful Mary Ellen Robison and Paula Barnes from the Bonnie Blue Quilts company. Their patterns are one of my favorites.
This is one of their new patterns (I've forgotten the name) Several of their patterns found their way home with me. Thimbles Swap partners, we found a new design for one of our swaps!
Charlie Brown fabric! I don't remember which company, but for us Peanuts lovers, this is good news.
Ed Emberley fabric for all of us who loved his drawing books in elementary school.
And you just never know what you will see at market. A bike came in handy for some of the convention center helpers.


Quilt Hollow said...

I enjoyed seeing market too! (through YOUR camera lens!) Hee! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Becky, it sure looks like a lot of fun (and work :-)

John'aLee said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I can't believe I've missed going the last few years!

Anna Sonata said...

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