Monday, January 21, 2008

A Holiday.... A Birthday

Today is a holiday from school and work. It's wonderful to have a three day weekend, especially a weekend with snow in Atlanta. It was incredibly beautiful on Saturday. I could look out my window in my sewing room as the snow fell. It was just a good weekend to be home. Friday evening we watched the Pixar movie Ratatouille. It was fun to have a family movie night. It's hard to find something that we all enjoy. 

Saturday, I spent most of the day in my sewing room. Bliss! I'm working on Peace in the Valley. This pattern was designed by my quilt teacher/mentor, Pat Wys who is Silver Thimble Company. It is a paper-pieced, square in a square block.  My quilting buddy Gretchen and I spent a day sewing with Pat to make the blocks for her green and gold version. On Sunday, my dear friend Kathy and I went to the Sunday Sisters group at Stitch 'N Quilt Shoppe. I was able to finish the blocks for Peace. Kathy is working on rag quilts for grandbabies due this Spring. She is new to quilting. It is fun to see her excitement as she discovers the joy of quilting.

Today, I am working on computer projects. We had to replace one of our home computers on Monday. We bought a new IMAC. Marion and I are using the new computer. The boys are using our old IMAc, so it has involved transferring files, photos and a bit of new learning. I finally got my photos on the right computer so I should be able to post some pictures. We'll see.

Peace to all,

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