Saturday, July 12, 2008

French Exchange Student

My neighbor  Deb has an exchange student from France visiting with her family for the month of July. Deb's daughter had another commitment this morning so my son and I were asked to fill a couple of hours with Marine.  

Michael and I thought it would be fun to take Marine to eat a Southern Breakfast. We chose a small one-of-a-kind restaunt in our Old Town area. The restaurant is called The Blue Rooster. I had lunch there several times, but never had their breakfast. The place was packed with local folk. We had eggs, bacon, hash browns, biscuits (wonderful) and "grits." When you are in the South, you must try "grits." Marine was totally polite and cute about trying everything.

 Next, we took her to our local branch of the Public Library. She had read many popular Young Adult titles in English and was excited to see them on the library shelves. As a school librarian, I just had to talk books with her. On the spur of the moment, we decided to stop at a Garage Sale so she could have that experience too. Too bad, it was a dud sale. It was fun anyway.

 Afterwards we return to our house, Michael relished showing her his Ninetndo Wii. Ever the gentleman, he still beat her at Donkey Kong. Marine  asked to see my quilts and sewing room. What a precious girl:)  She "ooed" and "ahhed" at all the right places. 

Definitely a fun educational morning for all of us!


Anjea said...

Found your blog from Niki's blog - thought I'd pop over and check it out! :D

I loved hosting exchange students and being one in college. I spent 7 months in France. How old is Marine? If she's interested in a French-speaking American pen-pal, please feel free to email me. :D

Grits are a southern staple. They're made like oatmeal, but corn is used instead. You can get them made savory, with garlic, cheese, pepper, etc. or add sweet stuff like butter, maple syrup, honey, or sugar to them. I love them, but not everyone in the South does. I guess you just have to be raised on them. :D

Austin, TX (my fledgling craft blog)

Karin said...

BEing a "damn Yankee" a northerner who came to visit and stayed I can't get into grits...I am anoatmeal kind of girl. Sarah and Emma-"grits" girls raised in the south will eat them. Their Momma is not a breakfast person unless it is carvel cake. Saw your quilt yesterday-it is #4 in line to be quilted. Will you be at sisters on Saturday?

Sara said...

What a fun day you and your son had. It had to be fun learning about a different culture and having her experience some of our southern traditions.

Silver Thimble Talk said...

What a fun person you are...I loved your post. Maybe we have a new quilter because of you! See you this weekend.


Shelina said...

What a lovely way to spend time with your exchange student. We've taken our Japanese student for dinner - but breakfast sounds like a great idea!