Saturday, July 12, 2008

T-Shirt Quilts

Our youngest  son will be a Senior in High School this year.  T-Shirt quilts are quite popular here at high school graduation time. I've saved his favorite T-shrits since he was in kindergarten. Sunday, I pulled all the t-shirts out of their hiding place. I had Michael go through the shirts to begin choosing the ones that will be in his quilt. He found it hard to believe that he actually wore some of those tiny shirts. We smiled at the Rugrats shirt with Tommy and Dil. Harrry Potter, The Ninja Turtles, and lots of videogame shirt were chosen for his quilt. Now, you might think I'm starting this a bit early. Michael's quilt is not the only one that I need to make this year. I have three to make before the end of May. Friday, I took him to Intown Quilts to choose background and border fabric. He wanted really "bland" fabric, but I think what we choose will work great. He told me " that what seems like five minutes in a quilt shop for me is really a long time."   He brought his Ipod and was very patient :)

I also have to make a T-shirt quilt for a friend's daughter. I had her do some of the cutting of the T-shirt. We've chosen fabric for her quilt. Her T-shirts are a bit boring so  we chose bright fabric, blacks, pinks and greens. 

The third quilt is for a teen who is a gymnist. She wants to use her competition leotards. That should be interesting and different.

This is the first T-shirt quilt that I made. It was made  for my previous elementary school. I collected T-shirts from the years that I was not at the school. The pattern designer Sharon Henderson taught a class at my LQS so I was blessed to have her quidance on this quilt. It remained at the school when I moved to my new school this past year. 

This quilt was made for my friend's son. He had almost too many t-shirts. He had some interesting shirts so it was fun to work on. 


Silver Thimble Talk said...

WEll I guess I know what you will be working on this weekend. Can't wait to see you! Love the Tee Shirts..I've
NEVER made one. HMMMM what is wrong with that picture.


Lori in South Dakota said...

I've never made a t-shirt quilt, but like yours! And aging parents, well, I guess most of us have that. Where I am, we siblings are "aging" too. We all try to keep at least ONE of us well so we can help the others-LOL!!

JudyL said...

I love the way you set those blocks!

Sara said...

Love that first one from your school, the setting is really cool. They look great! I am saving t-shirts for my sons and some of my younger sons horse show shirts to put in quilts when they graduate!

Tracy said...

I love your setting too, I have never seen t-shirt quilts like this. Did you make it up or use a pattern or directions from somewhere?

Karen said...

I like what you did with the tee shirts. The quilt has good visual interest. I like it better than just squares with sashing.

Kathy Wagner said...

Fantastic t shirt quilts!
I have only made one and it was very boring compared to yours! Just straight rows of square blocks.

Mary said...

I love these settings - I also made one for my son but it was just a straight set - I have to look up the designer as I've been saving t-shirts from my travels for a quilt.

BusyLittleQuilter said...

I love the way you set the blocks, too! I have never seen them done that way. Do you mind sharing your idea?