Friday, August 1, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

My family has done our part in stimulating the economy. With any more effort, one of us will have to get a second  job. 

It began with our dishwasher. It was the original builder's grade dishwasher. A neighbor had one rust through the bottom and flood her wood floors. The rack on our DW was beginning to rust so we replaced it in early June.  Shortly after that main shaft on my computer chair cracked. This was followed by the paper-shredder and fax machine. The mircowave oven was next to decide that it's job was done.   

We began looking for an older car for our son. He has a job. (of course, he will pay a chunk of his earnings for insurance and gas expenses)  We visited a reputable dealer last weekend with the idea of an older car for our son or something else for me to drive with the price of gas and the distance that I now drive to my school. Well, we found two cars that met our needs. We traded in my beloved van and are the proud owners of a"gently used" Nissan Altima and a Kia Spectra. (It's too hot to go outside and take pictures. The ones I used are courtesy of Google Images, but look like our "new" cars.)

Ok. We're finished stimulating the economy. It's someone else's turn. Care to volunteer?

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