Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Winning Gifts

I won a give-away. Paula who blogs at  A Latte Quilts - Lattes and A Lota Quilts had a give-away just because - No particular reason, just a very generous, giving quilter sharing things she loves with other quilters. I love give-aways. I love discovering them on blogs. I love sponsoring them. Heck, I love door-prizes, raffles, even give-aways at conference exhibits.(I actually won $5,000 in books for my previous school at a conference drawing)  Blog give-aways are just one of the many generous aspects of online quilters. Thank you, Paula for the lovely fat quarters, Starbucks gift-card and your wonderful note. Kristie from our Saturday Silver Thimble Group organized a swap to trade  bricks to make Bonnie Hunters Bricks & Stepping Stones quilt.  Several of these fat quarters will work perfectly for me to cut into bricks for our June swap. I love coffee. I grew up in a family that served coffee to the dog:) The gift card isn't in this picture because it was already in my purse waiting for the right day to treat myself to a Latte. Thank you, Paula for making my day!

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Mary said...

I've bought a die for my GO Cutter to make a bricks quilt -- maybe two since I want to make one with the 4 patches and a graduated color version too....so many quilts to do.