Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back Home Again

"Ain't it good to be back home again ...."  The lyrics from the old John Denver hit keeps playing through my head. Last week, we were out of our home from Monday through Friday. Repairs were made to our hardwood floors and other areas from our "refrigerator flood" from last month.

 The floors were sanded, stained and a protective coating applied for three days. We could not walked on the floors during that time. Furniture was moved to different rooms.
Plastic sheets were positioned to attempt to keep the sawdust out of the upstairs and rooms on the first floor.
We choose to replace the carpet in our family room with hardwood flooring. After two boys, two dogs and years of living, the carpet was no longer "builder" white.
We choose a darker stain than originally on our floors. We went with the stain on the top. Our floors now look like our  dark oak kitchen table.
The laminate in the finished section of the basement was replaced, too.
 Instead of vinyl laminate, our neighbor installed ceramic tile in the laundry area for us.
Gratefully, the work is now done. I keep discovering sawdust on areas I thought were clean. Guess it will be weeks before I discover all the places the grit is hiding.

We were so blessed to have not one, but two places to live during our time away from home. DH's sister and brother-in-law welcomed us into their home. Not only were DH and I displaced, but so was our dear Rusty. Because he was rescued from a puppy mill, we don't like to board him in a kennel. Rusty was welcomed at Janice and Bob's home. When we are away from home, we normally have a neighbor or one of our boys on dog duty, but this time Rusty couldn't stay in our house either.
Midweek, we traveled to Lake Hartwell (on the Georgia/South Carolina border) to spend a couple of days at our friend's lake home.

It was wonderful being near the water. I loved watching the sun rise in the mornings. We did very little while at the lake. We drove around exploring the countryside, bought vegetables and apples at a farmer's market. We even drove about an hour up the road to visit Anderson and Clemson, South Carolina. When one lives with an SEC fanatic, the thing to do when in Clemson is to visit the football stadium.
Yes, it's good to be home:)


quiltingnana said...

I feel for you...we had water damage from a refridgerator about a year ago and ended up having to have wood floors replaced...thank goodness for insurance...glad you had lovely places to visit during the renovation

Winona said...

Glad you are able to be back in your home. Your floors are lovely. Nothing like hardwood floors.

Darlene said...

Welcome home!

Diane said...

The floors look beautiful. I love the look of hardwood.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

A little vacation and new floors~ fun! Your new floors look wonderful. Welcome home! :-)

wackywoman said...

It is always such a HUGH job to do anything with floors. Your floors look gorgeous. It is all worth it in the end. I recently had all my carpets removed and my hardwood (already there) brought back to life. Love them.

Brenda said...

Love your new floors, and I know that you and the entire family are really excited to be back home.

Stray Stitches said...

Your floors are beautiful!! I bet you are so glad to be back in your own home!