Monday, February 28, 2011

Newest "Quilting" Notion

    A new "sewing notion" has appeared at our quilting get-togethers. TervisTumblers are the newest notion for our Silver Thimble Quilters. These tumblers keep drinks hot or cold and don't leave moisture all over our sewing tables. Many different styles have appeared near individual sewing machines. At our Summer Stitch-In, my sewing partner to my left was Jane, a Florida Gator fan. She was defending her corner from my LSU obsessiveness.  
    Other colleges are often represented like Georgia, Auburn, and Kentucky.

Tumblers with coordinating tops and initials - C is for Cindy.
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My family has purchased Tervis Tumblers for years. When visiting a cousin who once lived in West Palm Beach, he took us to their store where we began our love of all things Tervis. They can often be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond and stores that have gift items. Perhaps, my favorite thing about Tervis Tumblers is that they have a life-time warranty. I have mailed back tumbers that have leaked or have moisture between the layers. I received brand new tumbers to replace each tumbers that I returned. They also happen to make great gifts for non-quilters. My brother received a New Orleans Saints tumber for his Christmas gift this year. He must have liked it for he warned his kids, "This one is mine."
Happy Sewing!


julieQ said...

I have seen those tumblers...I like them!!

Diane said...

I love it! Never heard of them, but just ordered a customized BYU cup for me. I can't wait until it gets here.

Darlene said...

A very good bloggy friend sent me one for Christmas and I LOVE it. Mine has my initial on it :-)

Joanne Lendaro said...

those are the BEST to have at retreats or anyday around machines and fabrics!

Waytogojb said...

You girls look marvelous! Summer stitch in 2010 was so much fun.

Teresa said...

My daughter is the one that told me about these and she is very protective over hers.

Brenda said...

love your post

Lana said...

First let me say...THE BLOG HAS NEW CLOTHES!!!! I LOVE IT!
and it looks like you had a great time! I am going to have to get one of those to keep me in water so my Weight Watchers group doesn't kill me with all my excuses as to why I don't drink water!
Love the look, loved the post!
Have a great weekend!

Lynn W. said...

I havne't seen those before but I am heading to BBB to find me a couple - one for me and one for my retreat roomie! Thanks for sharing.