Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Project Started in May

With tons of UFO's in my sewing cavern, I began a new project in May. I'm not sure what this quilt will look like. It's a MYSTERY, a mystery quilt. Pat and Debbie of Silver Thimble Quilt Co. designed this quilt, "Shh....Don't Tell." It's a two color quilt. That's all we know. I do know that I've loved most everything that they have designed together and separately. It was a no-brainer that I would participate in this project.
Step 1 was available at our April Thimbles days, but I didn't begin my quilt until May. I did lots of thinking and studying fabric that I have in my stash. I have tons of 1930's and '40's reproduction fabrics.  Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works has tons of Kona solids. Kona ash (light gray) seemed like a good choice with my fabrics.
This is Step 1 with the fabric cut and organized in ziplock bags and post-it notes.
At our May Thimbles session, Step 2 was almost completed.

It was one of the projects that I worked on at the Cabin in Blue Ridge. There were lots of blocks to square-up.
 Here is the completed part of Step 2. Waiting for June for the next installment of Shhh....Don't Tell. 

Barbara, at Cat Patches, has a problem of not having enough UFO's. She is encouraging us to begin a new project each month - not finish the project, just begin one. Check! I managed to begin a project in May. I have one in mind to begin in June.......


Darlene said...

Your secret project looks like fun. Enjoy!

Diane said...

You're going great guns! Good for you. I'm struggling to find sewing time these days. I'm just going to have to carve out a time for myself.

Brenda said...

I love the colors that you are using.