Sunday, May 25, 2008


Wednesday, our last day with students, our fifth grade students walked through the halls with the younger students cheering them on. We played Celebration by Kool and the Gang over the intercom (yes, dear Media Specialist friends, we had a legal school purchased copy:)   It is a neat tradition from the previous school our students attended. I've not seen it at any other school.  I love my students, love my school. I have the best administrators on earth, BUT it is fabulous to have some "free" time. The past two Summers have been super busy. My husband had open-heart surgery, two Summers ago. Last Summer my teenage son had his tonsills out. I worked lots last Summer because I had transfered to a brand new elementary school. There were lots of meetings and decisions on setting up a new media center. It was a fabulous experience. I am blessed to have had this opportuity, But this Summer I plan to take it easy. We don't have any big trips planned (not at the price of gasoline) I've already cleaned off the dining room table. My sewing room is upstairs. It's hard to keep it cool during the daytime, so I plan on sewing downstairs in the dining room. I already miss our fifth grade students. I will miss my co-workers, but we do plan to meet for lunch. Meeting for lunch during the Summer, a perk for being a public school educator.

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Karin said...

I have finished all of step 5 except for constructing 15 of the half blocks. I thought I had the pattern figured out but I don't think I have enough blocks and I have extra step 2 left. Want to go home and play