Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Mini Vacation at Home

The weather this past couple of days has been absolutely perfect. This is Georgia weather at it's best. We stayed home for Memorial Day. Our boys were away with friends for most of the weekend. My husband and I just enjoyed time together. We spent lots of time on our back porch. We had it built about two years ago. It's wonderful to sit on the couch and listen to the birds and other neighborhood sounds. We are eating most of our meals out here. It will get too hot and humid (this is the South) soon and we will have to choose the times to be out on the porch. I've been saving handwork and pinning of my Orange Crush blocks until evenings. I can visit with Marion and just enjoy the outdoors. These past couple of days with few demands are just what I needed. We are doing appointments this week - dentist, eye-doctor, hair, etc. but I've spaced them throughout the week. Hope that everyone is enjoying this beginning of Summer.


Karin said...

How I wish I had a nice sun porch like yours. Then I could hang out with my guys and they would enjoy the birds! I would have a nice reclining chair with a lamp close by and I could read!!
I am now finishing up the jelly roll quilt that I picked up on Saturday. It is a real quickie and a very happy quilt. I will post the pix when I put the outer border on after work.

Pat said...

Can I join you on the porch for a cuppa coffee? Your porch looks very peaceful and inviting! Enjoy it before the weather becomes too hot and humid :)

Thanks for visiting.

Kathy Wagner said...

This looks like paradise here!