Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orange Crust... Step 2 .... Step 3

Orange Crush. This has been a fun quilt to make.  It is so not like me.I have absolutely no idea what this quilt will look like.  I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to quilt patterns and fabric. It's fun seeing parts of this quilt take shape. 

I didn't expect to have much time to sew last week. A couple of things fell in place early in the week. I pushed myself on Saturday to take care of obligations. This gave me some time on Saturday and most of Sunday to sew. Step 2 has taken the longest amount of time to finish. I did square up my blocks. I even had to resew some of them, but I'm really pleased with how they look.

When Step 3 was revealed, I figured this step would give me lots of trouble. I can easily get directions turned around. It actually went together very quickly. I worked on one side and completed all those blocks before I did the other side. I had not used the Easy Angle or Companion Angle before. Step 2 and 3 made me "stretch" a bit. 

Step 4 was posted last Friday. I've pulled my fabric. I'm not positive which ones I will use. I'll probably make two or three trial blocks to find "the right mix of fabrics."

Eight more days of this school year. It's been a fabulous year, but it will be wonderful to have more sewing time. 


Gretchen said...

Your OC looks great! I finished some step 2 & 3's at retreat but not all of them. At least Step 4 looks really easy. I'm counting down the school days with you :)

Karin said...

way to go Gretchen and Becky!!
I am so far behind on this one. Good intentions but that is as far as it goes I finished the binding on the quilt picked up last Saturday though. Now I have no excuses!

Rhonda said...

You really have been busy. This Orange Crush thingy sounds interesting.

Sue R said...

Great job getting all caught up on your Orange Crush, they look really good! My Step 4 is coming along way slower than I'd like, but it is coming along.

Kathy Wagner said...

Your pieces look great - can't wait to see your step 4 block! I'll check in later and see how it turns out!

AllyJo said...

Thank you for your email. She has many nice patterns I might just have to get! I liked those purses she had as well.

You're OC look so nice. You've done a good job picking out fabrics. Mine will look scrappy like yours as well.

Kind regards and have a blessed day.

Mary said...

hi becky, i just tagged you! go to my blog for rules, have fun! hugs, mary