Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Mini Get-Away

It was wonderful! My family had the opportunity to just get-away. Our friends, Mike and Lynn have a lake house at Lake Hartwell (on the Georgia-South Carolina border). Lynn and I taught together my first year in Georgia over 21 years ago. For the past 17 years, our husbands have worked together. We drove to Hartwell after work/school on Friday. We even packed our dog Rusty :) Their lake home is
quite beautiful and spacious. It was just wonderful to look at the water 
while sitting on the porch eating breakfast. Later during the day on Saturday, other families from our husbands' work group joined us. Wow! The food was fabulous. There was smoked pork, beer-can chicken, boiled shrimp, salads, beans, pound cake. The cooks did an outstanding job.

Three weeks of school left or rather 15 contract days left in this year. I love my work, but it will be wonderful to have a different pace - to sleep a bit later than 5:00 a.m.

Not alot of sewing this past week. With all the activities of the next couple of weeks, it will be difficult to get much sewing done, but I'll try. I did work on Step 2 of Orange Crush after laundry and cleaning this afternoon. 

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Amanda said...

You probably really needed the break to restore just enough energy to survive the next three weeks. You'll have plenty of time for sewing once you finish - the emphasis for now must be on survival!