Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun Day!

It started out pretty innocently, an e-mail from my friend Melisa, the owner of Sweet Home Quilt Shop in Conyers, Georgia. She mentioned receiving new fabric. Ok. I'm not going. When reading blogs and/or e-mail  this morning, my friends Gretchen and Karin both mention a possible road trip to Sweet Home. All resistance crumbled. I'm on the road. I did plan my trip. I began an LSU quilt top for my husband. I didn't  like my border choices so I canned the project for a time. I've taken it out several times to shops, but couldn't find the right borders. We did today!!! We changed the inner border to a black textured tone-on-tone and found a purple fabric with black lines in it. This is good news. I can now proceed with this one and get it finished. He can use it this Summer as he naps on the screened porch. It will be ready for football season. Go Tigers!

I also found a fabulous neutral print for the borders of my SIL's neutral quilt for this Christmas. I also picked up several fat quarters for my Patriotic Quilt.  Life is good:)

I picked up the next BOM in the stitchery BOM. It's called Ring in the New by Kathy Schmitz. I have never done stitchery. This will be new learning for me. The February block has two hearts. Looks like fun. I'd like to prep these so I can stitch in the evening on the screen porch.

A fun day with quilting friends! Thanks, Gretchen and Karin!


Teresa said...

What a fun and successful Saturday you had! I love the "stitchery" you are doing. I see lots of folks talking about and doing stitchery and am wondering is there any difference in "stitchery" and in embroidery? I actually like the name stitchery better, but was just curious.

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Hi Becky,
So sorry I missed the "mini Sisters Road Trip!" I got cornered into a last minute babysitting job (of which I loved every single minute!), and then I played hooky the rest of the day. I can't remember the last time I had a Saturday off.
Glad you found your border fabrics and some other goodies, too. I'm debating whether to start Bonnie's Orange Crush mystery...I'd love to do it but I know I won't be able to keep up with it so I'll probably just watch from afar!
Have a good week...
Melisa @ Sweet Home

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Becky, I forgot to say thanks for the cake! Sweetie Mike saved a couple of pieces for me, and I pigged out...after dinner, of course! It was even better for breakfast this morning!

Amanda said...

I've no idea what 'screen porch' is, but it sounds lovely. The only outdoor sewing I get to do in the UK is for a few hours during the odd day in the summer. Have fun.