Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tag - I'm It....

Mary from the blog Stitches and Ditches has tagged me to list seven random or weird facts about myself. It didn't take me long to think up seven facts, but my brothers have always complained that I was weird or different :)

Here are THE RULES:

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Fact # 1: I don't have a sense of smell. I don't think that I ever had one. I do remember driving in the country at night as a child and my cousin holding her nose and saying there was a skunk. I didn't know how she knew since she couldn't see it. There are pros and cons about not having a sense of smell. I'm the person that you want to sit next to if you're hot, sweaty and smelly. I'm not the person that you want to raise the alarm if something is burning in the oven.

Fact # 2: My husband and I are both Cajuns from Southwest Louisiana. Our parents spoke Cajun French as their first language. Gumbo is a comfort food for us, not mac 'n cheese. We have lived in the suburbs of Atlanta for twenty years, but at heart we are still Cajuns. Lafayette, the heart of Cajun country is my hometown and where I met my husband.

Fact #3: My husband does all the cooking at our house. He even does the grocery shopping. I'm the one who picks up junk food and non-essentials at the grocery store. He is a fabulous cook. He specializes in grilling and smoking food. Don't tell, but he owns six bar-b-que pits. I can't complain. He uses all six of them. I guess I need to get more sewing machines to catch up him. I only have 4 machines :)

Fact # 4: My homelife is filled with males. My husband and I have two sons. We have a male dachshund Rusty. I have two brothers. I don't have any sisters or daughters. My Mom has passed, but my Dad is still living. I am very thankful for Sisters-in-laws, female cousins, and my sewing Sisters.

Fact # 5: I don't have a middle name. My real name is Rebecca. I asked my Mom one time why I was given only one name. She said that Rebecca was long enough. In the French Catholic world that I grew up in, everyone had middle names and they were usually Marie, Elizabeth or Ann. I didn't have three initials for a monogram until I got married.

Fact # 6: Reading is a natural part of my life. I can't imagine not having a book to read. It's been a long time since I didn't have several books on my night stand. I even have a drawer of books ready to read just in case I finish all the ones on my night stand. My cousin Peg who is like my sister told me one time, when we were growing up that not everyone like to read books and magazines like I did. It was pure revelation. It had never occured to me that other people didn't read for pleasure like I did.

Fact #7: This is the hard one to admit. Yes, I ran into a building coming home from the driver's license bureau. Is it no wonder that I don't have any patience to help with my son now that he has his learner's permit. You won't believe what building I ran into while trying to park. Yes, it was a Fabric Store. At fifteen, I was obsessed with Fabric Shopping or Retail Theraphy.

Ok. The hard part. Tagging seven other people. I only know a few bloggers even though I read lots of blogs. Let's try Gretchen, Karin, Cindy, Amanda, Catherine, Susan, and Vicky

Happy Quilting!


Lori in South Dakota said...

#6--I always find it hard to understand that there are people out there who don't enjoy reading. I would read the cereal box over breakfast!! And you can't fall asleep with reading at least 10 minutes. Preferably a quilt book.

Karin said...

That was tough...of course you picked all the people I know who blog and I am not sure how to link..:(
Anyway my daugter responded in comments.

Gretchen said...

Responded to your tag--thanks for tagging me! I always have at least one if not two books going at once and a pile of a zillion at the ready. As soon as I get a chance I'm going to check out Library Thing online and start cataloging my collection. Miss you! Gretch