Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I won! This weekend Pat Sloan hosted an online sewing retreat. She gave away 20 prizes throughout the weekend from the comments on her blog. Sunday evening, I won one of the last prizes. Yahoo! Pat is sending me a bag of her scraps. I love scraps especially someone else's scraps.  Thanks, Pat! This is a real treat. The whole online retreat was super. Just what I needed after an exhausting week at work.

The missing Maison de Noel fabric has been found. My friend Carol saw the picture and plea on my blog. She found the fabric that I needed in her stash and brought it to me today. Many of you checked your stashes too. Thanks for looking! 

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Karin said...

Yeah Carol...yeah Becky-take a picture of your prize! Now you can make a quilt with that workshop you took! AND you can show me how to do it too!!