Monday, March 10, 2008


Blueberry Lane Designs is having a fun give-away. If you post a picture of your most used pincushion, you are entered in her give-away of The Pincushion Book. Just hearing that the book if out-of-print has me fired up to have that book.  As I was taking a picture of my Chicken pincushion, my most used and favorite pincushion, I couldn't help but think that he has lost some of his spunk. :)

Saturday is National Quilting Day. Pat Sloan is hosting a sew-in. Take a look at her fabulous blog for details on the online event. It's actually all weekend. Take a look at the books that she has proposed for her book club for the next couple of months. Lots of good looking books!


Karin said...

I tried the flower thing and came up with something I am not familiar with and it was not pretty. I want to be a violet blowing in the wind! I finished reading another whodunit but it was not that great-the protagonist was a young mother-I guess I am just way past babies! I'm looking forward to the weekend and figuring out the quilt for Laurie. I hope it works!

Lynette Anderson said...

Thanks for showing your pincushions, maybe you will be lucky and win one of my books on Blueberry lanes blog competition.