Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trying Not to Whine

Pollen. Springtime in Atlanta is magically beautiful. It is my favorite time of year. Pollen in Atlanta is brutal. I've completed the entire allergy/allergist routine for years and years. I'm faithful with medications and indoor environmental controls. This year the pollen just seems to be taking it's toll. Add to the mix that we have four weeks of school left. State testing has been the last two weeks. It's all been draining. Ok. That's out of my system. I have faithfully read blogs this week, but haven't felt up to posting a comment or creating a new post.

This week has been the week of birthdays. Last Saturday, we had our crawfish boil with our dear friends and neighbors, Kathy and George. Kathy is from New Orleans. George is from Meridian. Monday, was my husband's actual birthday. We ordered Chinese and had a semi-party.  Wednesday was our oldest son's birthday. We all went out to eat at a  Mexican restaurant. Thursday was the Spring Band Concert for our youngest son. Saturday was the Spring carnival for my school. My son and I volunteered for a time to help our PTA group. These are the ladies that help me at book fair time. 

Michael, my youngest son, is back from New York City. The high school band takes a trip every two years. They don't bring instruments. It is just a tour/fun trip. He had a blast. The highlight of the trip for him was a visit to the Nintendo World shop. Video games especially all things Nintendo are his passion. He purchased a T-shirt that he proudly wore to school on Monday.  We all have our obsessions. Michael's is videogames. My husband's is cooking/grilling. He owns six bar-b-que pits. Jason, our oldest son, loves music especially gus guitar and music by The Beatles. Of course, my obsession is quilting/fabric/sewing machines. 

The end of the month is closing in on me. I set a goal to finish one quilt a month. I have been working on two projects. Step 2 of Orange Crush and my Christmas Toile quilt. I'm pushing ahead to finish the top for Christmas Toile. I'm sewing the rows together. I've been working on it off and on since November. This will be a big finish. It used quite a bit of fabric. I pinned all the rows last night. I'm hoping to get the top assembled today. It's another busy week with lots of end-of-year activities. Here's hoping I meet my goal.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!


Vicky said...

You've been busy! Sometimes our quilting takes a back seat to life. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt!

Pat said...

Can hardly wait to 'see' your Chriatmas Toile will feel great when it is finished! Goals help me keep focused :)

Sounds like you've been busy with life and the quilting will a good friend.

Thanks for visiting!

Gretchen said...

I'm tired now after reading your post. Think I need another nap today....LOL! Can't wait to see the end result of the long-awaited Xmas Toile.

Amanda said...

Sympathies on your hay fever - mine has just started. It's just not fair is it, you wait all winter for the loveliness of spring and forget every year the misery that awaits you as well. Goals are great, but if you completed every one you'd have nothing left to be going on with next month!

Judy laquidara said...

The pollen seems bad here too. Good look with surviving it and the end of the school year. I wish I hadn't seen that "crawfish" word in your blog this morning! :)

Sue R said...

Spring is a busy time for everyone. Make time for yourself.