Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Spy

When my son was a "little tike" I was fascinated with I Spy, Bottle Quilts and others that used novelty fabrics. Making DS one of these quilts never happened. The first time I read on Sandra's blog Sew In Peace's  about the I Spy Swap she was hosting, things were wild so I resisted. Recently, I read that she had extended the deadline. I found fabric in my stash so I signed up to participate. 
Fabric was washed, ironed and cut into 5 inch squares.
Funky sneakers

Dog Paws

Playful Dogs

Boys and Girls

A quick trip to the post office and my swap fabric is in the mail to Sandra. Retirement is about having time to do all those things there wasn't enough time to do when working. I'm excited about the fabric I'll receive from this swap. Looks like I have an "I Spy" quilt in my future:)


Diane said...

What fun fabrics! And just the right place for them.

Natasha said...

I just finished an I spy quilt about two weeks ago for my son. I also used the swap method to increase my I spy blocks. I guess otherwise the quilt would have cost a fortune! Mine is full size and used about 132 different squares, each framed in green. Good luck on yours and I can't wait to see the finished product!

Sandra said...

Such cute fabrics you entered in the swap! I especially like the one with tennis shoes. I'm also excited about the large variety of fabrics that have been entered in the swap. Can't wait to start sewing!