Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bernie Goes To School

Bernie, my mechanic Bernina 810, went to school with me today. I actually sewed at school! It was so much fun! In our news show studio, the County had provided enormous backdrops for our new show. They were way too long. I took one home to hem. It was like a huge parachute in my sewing room. It still was too long and I had another one to shorten. It just made more sense to bring my machine to school and work there. It felt so good to do some machine sewing. With this cold/virus/crud still lingering, I come home from work without energy to do anything. The backdrops involved lots of straight sewing - pedal to the medal sewing. What a fun afternoon!
The backdrops look much better. We were having problems with the students stepping on it. We actually had one come down during the morning show. Luckily, the camera was on the other backdrop. We quickly made some adjustments to finish the morning show.

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