Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And Today is.....

I can't seem to get the days right this week. I'm off by one day. I thought it was Thursday all day long. That's a real problem because it' only Wednesday.  Normally, I'm quite content with each day.
At school, I'm loving having to spend big $$ ordering new books for our new school media center. It's one of my favorite things to do.I am excited about the weekend. I am trying to get things done so that I can pack the weekend with "quilty" things.  

Even though I shouldn't, I will probably try to visit  some of my favorite  quilt shops after work on Thursday and Friday. Thursday begins the annual  Atlanta Shop Hop. I haven't been to Sweet Home Quilt Shoppe in months. Melisa, the shop owner, buys THE best fabric. I can't remember the last time I was at Intown Quilts. It would be a treat to visit both of these shops. I do want to make an all neutral quilt for my SIL for Christmas. I'd like to  begin collecting fabric for her quilt (LOL)

Friday, at school we are celebrating Read Across America or Dr. Seuss's birthday. Everyone is  wearing their pj's to school. We are having guest readers, green egg and ham, and lots of special activities. Several good friends are coming to my school to read to our kids. It will be wonderful having them in our Media Center.

 I just can hardly wait for Saturday. I am taking a crumb piecing class with Bonnie Hunter . Bonnie's website and blog have been one of my favorites for years. I never imagined actually having the opportunity to take a class with her. I have lots of crumbs and scraps. This will be a great chance to learn to use them in quilts. Some very special quilting friends are taking the class, too. It's going to be a fun day.

Saturday and  Sunday, Judy from the blog Patchwork Quilts is hosting a Quilathon. Marion, my husband, is traveling this weekend. I'm hoping to sew on Sunday with the rest of the internet group from Judy's site. With all these exciting things going on, it's no wonder I'm a day ahead of myself.

(Thanks, Gretchen for the fabulous IT directions on how to do links in Blogger! It might have been a better idea not to give me instructions :)  


Gretchen said...

Becky-- your weekend sounds great!! I am going to visit Melisa's on Sat and Intown on Sun. I need to resist the urge to go to Little Quilts. Have fun at the workshop (and think of me NOT having another UFO LOL!!!!)

Karin said...

Becky-I was trying to resist shop hop because of obvious reasons...I am so out of control! But reading your blog makes me want to rethink visiting some of of the shops. I haven't been to Melisa's in ahile either. Maybe I will hit acouple of the shops.

Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward to being a guest reader tomorrow at your school Becky!! I miss reading to of my favorite things to do when I was teaching. Love the Peace in the Valley and the other completed projects. Looking forward to spending the day with you and Bonnie Hunter on Saturday.. I'm just going to play and soak up all she has to say! Maybe I'll make some blocks to turn into a small project! We will see how the day develops.

Kathy Wagner said...

You lucky duck! Have a great time in Bonnie's class and tell us all about it!