Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekly Report
3 tops finished!!! That's a record week for me. I brought Peace in the Valley to the quilt shop (have to support my local shop if I'm not buying fabric :)  to be machine quilted.

 I added the borders to the Floragraphix quilt. I'll probably call it Dragonfly. I had to order a backing for the Dragonfly quilt. I didn't have anything in my stash that complemented the front. I think that was one of the things holding me back from finishing it.

 I finally added the last border to the Guild Mystery quilt from two years ago. I just love this quilt. An empty rubber container! Yes!  That makes my day. I also pieced the back for this one. I had to purchase  binding fabric for this one. Seems I forgot to add that in when I purchased fabric for this top.

Purchases this year:
Fat Quarter for Christmas Toile border
4 yards for Peace in the Valley Backing
4 yards for Dragonfly backing
1 yard brown stip for Mystery Quilt binding

4 yards Peace backing
6 yards Mystery quilt backing

This afternoon was my monthly sewing at the LQS. I'm took a project that I started last year. I had everything packed in a ziplock bag. Just a few of the strips were sewn together. It's called Cross Paths. I used  Sunshine by April Cornell for this project. It's a cheery quilt. I sewed the strips together. It's all ready for the next stage.

What a fun week! I'm hoping to get some sewing done this week, but have a busy work week and several meetings after school.

Happy Quilting!


Karin said...

Wootwoot...we really are rocking along! I finished floragraphix too (pictured in my blog). 10..count them, 10 ready to be quilted. The downside of that is the cost!
I see you are calculating fabric. What a good idea. I guess I will start March 1st. I took out the plastic bag for "good to go"-I am going to try to work on that one next

Judy said...

3 tops finished? Whew . . I didn't get past that. That's great!

Gretchen said...

You go girl!!! Looks fabulous!! I will not be calculating fabric--requires too much math, which I try to avoid at all cost LOL. Keep up the UFO busting!