Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Candy - Louisiana Style

Growing up in Louisiana, the "Easter bunny" always brought Elmer Gold Brick Eggs. I've only found them in the Atlanta area one time in the twenty years that we've lived here. Gold Brick Eggs, Heavenly Hash (marshmallow and chocolate treats) and Pecan Eggs are all made by Elmer Candy Company. This past week while in Lafayette, I stocked up for "Michael's Easter bunny." Of course, Dad needed his Easter fix earlier. Each day as I would come in from getting us supper (dinner for other folks) I'd bring us each a Gold Brick Egg. Each bite brought back wonderful memories of being at child at Easter-time in Southwest Louisiana.


Gretchen said...

Next time, remind my Easter bunny to send you along with an order for Gold Brick Eggs. I've never had one but they look wonderful!!!! Welcome back and can't wait to catch up on Saturday!

Brenda said...

I love those eggs, I have never seen them here. We had them in Mississippi when I was growing up.