Friday, April 4, 2008

A Fix of Sorts

Our home computer has a temporary fix. We've disabled the router. Only one computer is connecting to the net. Since my internet time was restricted, I've gotten a bit of sewing done :) I have the dark and light strips cut for the Orange Crush Mystery Quilt. I'm almost finished sewing the rows to the Sunshine/Crossed Path project.  The best news of all is that Spring Break has officially begun. We are staying home. I can play on the computer, sew and read for an entire week. YES!

I was planning on sewing this evening, but we are having thunderstorms in the Atlanta area. My dog Rusty is terribly afraid of the weather so I have him in my arms trying to keep him calm. 

Tomorrow is my sewing day at the quilt shop. Our group meets the first Saturday of every month. Can't wait to see my sewing Sisters! My portable machine is in the car. I'm deciding on which projects to bring. Happy Day!

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