Friday, April 4, 2008

Stitchery vs Embroidery

Teresa asked about the difference between stitchery and embroidery. I wasn't sure that I really did know the difference so I googled stitchery. The following information is from the website

"Redwork, Bluework and Blackwork
A long time ago, you could purchase muslin 'penny squares' at the local dry goods shop.  These squares were stamped with designs for your stitching pleasure.  Little girls would practice their stitches on these muslin squares.  Monochromatic was the color scheme, so the square would be stitched with all red, or all blue or all black thread. " 

The Ring in the Year stitchery block of the month is done on a piece of natural colored muslin. I have chosen dark navy thread for my sampler. The original blocks are done in black thread. I still haven't started this project. I have to trace the design onto the muslin before I can begin stitching. I never liked embroidery. I did do lots of counted cross stich. I think I'll like stitchery. I like needlework that is a bit boring, not alot of color or stitch changes.

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