Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In the Wrong Direction?

Judy L. has a place on her blog for weekly stash busting updates (using stash versus adding to stash). This past week she asked readers what their goal was in stashbusting. My goal is to complete  the quilt tops that I have already started. I have fabric in plastic bins or bags with the pattern and everything needed to complete the quilt. I even have backings for some of them. Most are  abandoned U.F.O's. My goal is to complete at least one a month. That would give me 12 completed quilts in a year. This year I have already completed  five quilt tops. I don't have any problems once the top is pieced. I have it quilted and add binding without it sitting for too long. At some point, I'd love to do my own quilting, but I would need lots more time to practice machine quilting. Something to look forward to when I retire. My goal then is to complete more of the actual quilt tops.

Last week while on Spring Break, I visited two different quilt shops. I purchased the fabric that I needed for a graduation rag quilt. I needed more flannel in bugundy and kaiki. Here are the pieces that I found at Tiny Stitches in Marietta.   That's 5 yards added. That was fabric needed to complete a project.

I also made a road trip to Sweet Home in Conyers. I found a neutral piece on sale. I added to my red, white and blue stash for a future patriotic quilt. I have a pattern selected, but have not cut this quilt out - at least not yet :)

That's another 5 yards. 

Added: 10 yards
Used:  1 yard

As I said, headed in the wrong direction, but gosh side trips can be fun too :)


Gretchen said...

Look at that yummy fabric Melisa made you buy! I think you and Debbie need to get together to work on your patriotic quilts (ha ha--said the person who also is collecting for some unknown patriotic quilt...)

Karin said...

I refuse to even add up the pluses and minuses in the stash. I am not doing well! Too many trips to Sweet Home but afterall we have to take care of Melisa! I have completed 8 projects this year. I am numbering them 2008-1, 2008-2 etc. I have 2 quilts needing to be picked up at Stitch 'N Quilt-Friendship Crossing and another sisters quilt that I can't remember the anem of. And the little piles of fabric have again oozed out of the sewing room!

Becky said...

Oh, gosh, a patriotic quilt challenge is what we need. We've achieved the challenge of collecting patriotic fabric. We just didn't realize the challenge included making quilts.

Judy Laquidara said...

I think you're doing good, having finished 5 tops already. We all have weeks where we add a bit more than we use . . that's ok as long as you're still committed to your original plan. You can do it!

Mary said...

love your fabrics, side trips i believe are a necessity in life!

Vicky said...

You go, girlfriend! Great stash report!

Mary said...

You're making me miss the Atlanta area a little bit! I agree that spring is beautiful there and I lived less than 2 miles from Tiny Stitches. I don't however miss the pollen!