Monday, April 7, 2008

Stash Busting Report

Judy challenged her readers at the beginning to the year to report weekly how much fabric they had used from stash and how much fabric they had purchased. My real challenge is to complete projects that I have already begun.  Finish It Up!!! I'm not purchasing lots of fabric. My biggest purchases have been for backing fabric. I like my backs to match the front.  I realized that I was not reporting things accurately. When I complete a top, I could add the fabric from that project as fabric used from stash. I've refigured my totals for the year with this in mind. When the quilt top and backing are pieced, I can add the yardage from that project even though I didn't pull yardage from fabric on a shelf.

Fabric used:  Year to date:   44 yards
                           This week:  9 1/2  (Sunshine/Crossed Path completed)

Fabric purchased:  Year to date:  34 yards
                                      This week:  1 1/2

I'm ahead by 10 yards, but more importantly I have 5 quilt tops completed. One top (Peace in the Valley) is quilted, but the binding is not sewn. I have an appointment with the machine quilter to bring three tops for quilting this week.  Thanks, Judy for the challenge.

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