Saturday, September 11, 2010

In the Sewing Room

It had to be done. With great courage, I've been in my sewing room many hours these past two weeks. It HAD to be cleaned. Tables were out of place. Books and fabric covered every table top and shelf. With earnest, I worked hours sorting through UFO's, fat quarters, scraps, books, magazines etc,. It's still not completed. It's a Work in Progress, but sewing could now begin.
Don't look under the table. That's where my "WIP's not UFO's" live. Look at the top of the table. I so need to keep the top clean. A clean work space motivates me to sew.
The place to begin was making binding. Last year was a bare minimum in sewing production for me. I have four quilts that are quilted and ready to be bound, but first binding had to  be made.
With the beginnings of Fall in the air, I'd love to have Autumn Ridge (Black Mountain Quilts) completed to snuggle under. I normally choose the binding fabric early in a quilt project, but not this one. The only fabric in my stash that appealed to me was the left-overs from the backing fabric.  I had several long pieces, but nothing with long pieces to make bias binding, so I made straight binding. 

Binding strips were already cut for  my Simply Indigo version of "Strawberry Pie" 

But binding had to be sewn, ironed and attached to both quilts.
The entire PROCESS was soothing, relaxing and creative. Two of the four quilts now have the binding attached. The next step is hand sewing the binding to the backing. I love this step. I enjoy hand sewing. Football season has begun. Lots of college and professional games on television. I'm ready for football and sewing bindings! 

 Geaux Saints!!!
Geaux Tigers!


Carol said...

I love football season too...I get lots of bindings did a great job in your sewing room!

The Quilted Librarian said...

There's nothing like a good clean out. Well done, Becky!

Diane said...

Both of the quilts are lovely, but the autumn ridge one just takes my breath away.

My mom uses football season for sewing on bindings also. Sometimes when I've been behind on my bindings she's done them for me - a real treat.

(Your sewing room looks great!)

Terry said...

Good job getting everything cleaned up! I always feel more motivated when I have a cleared off cutting table too! Love the quilts! :0)

call me crazy said...

Great job on the clean up! I need your determination! Love the autumn ridge quilt! My to do list is long, but I am going to have to add that one! Have a fun weekend!

Gretchen said...

You GEAUX girl!! LOL! I have some (read lots) of bindings to make and a couple of quilts to bind. I have been waiting for cooler weather. DO you think if I sew projects faster my sewing room will get cleaner?

Stray Stitches said...

Would you like to come clean my room next? LOL! Your quilts are beautiful! I find hand sewing the binding very theraputic, especially when the weather has turned cool and you can be covered and warm while you do the work.