Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And this is fun?

Yesterday was one of those days. For a short period of time, I began to wonder why had I ever begun to quilt. Piecing quilt backs is what did it. Remind me to over-estimate when I need to purchase a quilt back and to Avoid directional fabric.

 The first problem child was the backing for the LSU quilt. I found a great tiger print online. Of course, I ordered it several years ago when I started piecing the top.  I ordered only the amount needed for the back. Yesterday, I decided to use some of the tiger print for my binding. It will make great binding for this top. Of course, now I don't have enough fabric for the back. I pulled some purple from my stash and some of the left-over LSU print. Well, the LSU print is directional. There's where my problem began. I kept sketching the dimensions, playing with my yardage. Finally, I put the quilt on the top of my bed, pieced some backing and just kept adding until I had a big enough back. In spite of all my turmoil, it does look rather nice. I like it! Of course, this took lots longer than I had planned. 

I moved on to the Christmas toile. Several years back, I purchased some flannel when a shop was going out of business.  Of course, this quilt is HUGE, I didn't have enough for the backing. On one of our shop hops, I purchased  some yardage to coordinate with the first piece for the backing. Since both fabrics were flannel and the top is cotton, I washed the flannel fabrics. DUH! They shrunk  lots. Now I don' t have enough fabric. I again sketched the dimensions, put fabric on the floor. Somehow or another it finally lots like it will work. What really worries me, is I had some fabric left-over :) YIKES!  I think I'll bring it with me when I bring the quilts to the long-arm quilter on Saturday.  

At this point, I decided to go to bed and read. LOL!


Gretchen said...

YIKES! This is why piecing backings is my least favorite quilty thing. I am sure the Quilting Goddess is looking out for you and the Xmas toile will be OK.

Carol said...

So glad you got the Christmas toile finished. It is still in a bag!! Have not even thought about a backing. glad that you washed the flannel before putting it with the cotton. It would have messed up badly with the first wash.

Pat said...

I'm with you...piecing backs is hard for me then to get them straight for the long arm...yikes! When I find wider fabric at a reasonable $$$, I tend to buy it up. So much easier :)

My weather has turned colder,cloudy rainy and foggy...definately NOT deck weather.

Thanks for visiting.

Brenda said...

Good luck with your backing. It sounds like you are getting a lot done.

Sara said...

I think you backs look great! I am not good at piecing backs, I think I have it even and then it ends up way off!