Monday, June 16, 2008

A Favorite Container

Perhaps, my favorite sewing room container is this hand-made basket. It was made in 1990 by my friend Lita. I keep it at my sewing room door. I use it to hold items that need to be brought downstairs on my next trip out of the sewing room like this great bag made by my friend Brenda. This floral bag hold stitchery supplies.

This Moda tin holds my Featherweight bobbins. It was purchased by friends Debbie and Gretchen on one of our Atlanta shop hops. I drove my van. They payed for gas in fabric and this super tin. I love Moda fabrics! I love these Moda tins.


Sue R said...

I love all your sewing tins, Becky, especially the Moda one.I don't know if I've ever seen any like that.

Sweet P said...

Two more great containers! Two more entries in the drawing for you.

PS - I'll be joining your drawing, but I have to decide what book is my favorite.