Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

Sorry about the delay in my birthday give-away drawing. It's just been "crazy" busy here. In addition to a hectic schedule, we've had some computer issues. 

I put everyone's entries on a slip of paper. Put the
 paper in a bowl. I attempted to have Rusy, our Dachshund, do the honors, but he was more interested in the "
treat" I hid in the bowl. Finally, my son did the honors. Sue R. from North Winds Quilting in Maine is the winner. Sue, please send me your address. I'll get the package in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday! I loved visiting your blogs. I loved seeing which quilting book/magazine/quilters that you chose for your favorite.

Happy Quilting!


Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday, Becky!

Rusy is a true Dachshund with one track mind... food, food, food! LOL

Mary said...

Congratulations Sue!!! This was fun to participate in, Hope your Birthday was great Becky, Hugs, Mary

Silver Thimble Talk said...

OK I blew it and missed your birthday both in person and in cyber space!! What a great idea to do the drawing. I'm going to make a comment about the book thing. I think that the Book "40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts" is a wonderful book and Becky you know this because I have chosen 3 quilts from that book to teach. So now I feel better about not having my name on the plate for Rusty to draw. Still not so great about not telling you enough dear you are to me.

Have a quilty day,