Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

I'm working towards my goal - to complete projects. I finished the backing for two quilts this week which used some yardage on hand.( 16 yards)  I brought both quilts to the quilt shop to be quilted yesterday. I finished the rag quilt for a graduation gift. The rag quilt used flannel that I had in my stash and additional flannel purchased for that project. (8 yards) In addition, I used batting scraps for the rag quilt. I sewed the binding for three quilts that are quilted, but do not have binding yet. (3 yards) Yesterday at my Saturday Sisters sewing session, I cut blocks for the neutral quilt. I can't remember the name right now. It's a pattern from McCall's Quilting magazine, June 2005. I'll include the yardage from that project when I complete the sewing on the quilt top.

Projects completed in 2008: Peace in the Valley, Giggles, Sunshine Paths, Floragraphix, Spinning Stars Mystery Quilt, LSU Tigers, Christmas Toile, Sarah's Rag

Projects Completed: 8 quilts 
Fabric Used this week: 27 yards   
Fabric Purchased this week: 1 yard

YTD:  Used: 72 yards
            Purchased: 56 yards

Now, I know my friends Karin and Gretchen are laughing at my totals. Ladies, I challenge you to post your totals!


Vicky said...

Good grief, Becky! You're on a roll!! Fabulous stash report! Geaux Tigers! LOL

Karin said...

I could not possibly figure out how much fabric I would probably just depress me. I did not get much accomplished this weekend due to the cold. Saturday night with the little girls was not too bad and Sue felt bad and they came home early. I did get the pieced border sewed together for Orange Crush and this morning did the math!! Hope I figured correctly!!!

suepinio said...

Becky, I am going to take time to read the blogs now that school is out. You guys are so GOOD at writing and interesting!! I admire your bravery in making the "complete" statement!!! Go for it!! Enjoyed Saturday!!


Pat said...

Great job in getting those projects done! It feels oh sooo good with finishes! and you sre doing a good job at using the stash up, too :)

Mary said...

You're doing great - I was just thinking yesterday that I need to spend some time piecing some backs.

Gretchen said...

Will ponder posting totals at some point but no promises. Hooray for using up the stash!